The Tennis Premier League Talent Days conclude with a bang in Mumbai at the MSLTA

The Talent Day initiative has been an important part of the league because it helps structure the sport at the grassroots level and gives athletes the right kind of exposure to grow.

The fourth season of the Tennis Premier League is scheduled to begin on December 7 and run until December 11. Already, the new-age, fast-paced league has helped make tennis more popular in India.

The Talent Day program has been an essential part of the league because it not only helps organize the sport at the grassroots level but also gives athletes the right kind of exposure to help them grow.
On November 26 and 27, the MSLTA grounds in Mumbai hosted the final Talent Day leg.

Dignitaries and compelling partners of Indian Tennis went to the occasion. Mr. Sunder Iyer, Secretary of MSLTA and Joint Secretary of AITA attended the event along with Team mentors Mr. Gaurav Kapadia and Ms. Radhika Tulpule of the Mumbai Leon Army and Pune Jaguars, respectively.
Mr. Kunal Thakkur and Mr. Mrunal Jain, the Tennis Premier League’s ever-passionate Co-Founders, attended the event as well.

Mr. Shyam Patel, the owner of the Mumbai Leon Army, was also present at the event to observe the young athletes’ abilities.

“Tennis premier league is doing a wonderful job,” stated Sunder Iyer. On behalf of MSLTA and AITA, we are supporting the league wholeheartedly. We are creating a community by doing this, and the players and coaches are getting excellent exposure.

This league is a brand-new idea that Indian tennis badly needed. If you look at Maharashtra itself, the majority of national champions are from the state, and the majority of tournaments are held in Maharashtra, the number of players has increased over time. Kunal and Mrunal have done an excellent job of uniting tennis players.

The Talent Day initiative is flawlessly accomplishing the Co-Founder of the TPL’s goal of putting Mumbai back on the tennis front foot as it was a few years ago.

“In 2016, when none of these other leagues were popular MSLTA took up the initiative to start the Junior tennis league in the off-season, and I feel really happy to see those kids now participating here and doing well,” Gaurav Kapadia said. He also spoke about the league’s positive impact on Indian tennis.

The opportunity for the U14 and U18 players, in particular, to form bonds with professional athletes both on and off the court through TPL’s Talent Day program is one of the positive developments. I would like to express my gratitude to Mrunal and Kunal for creating the league, which affords the selected players an excellent platform and the chance to form relationships with elite players.

Players from the very beginning are able to interact not only with national champions but also with international champions like Matt Ebden.

The event featured competitors from each of the four age categories—women, men, boys under 14, and girls under 18. The Talent Day initiative gives talented amateurs who want to show off their skills a chance to compete against the best people in the country.

Additionally, they stand a chance of being selected for league teams and playing alongside professional athletes of the highest caliber. This initiative is on its way to developing the sport at the grassroots level and bringing about structural change in India.

Arnav Parker, who won the Boys U-14 competition by a score of 10-6 in the finals, has been chosen to play for the Mumbai Leon Army in the fourth season of the Tennis Premier League.

Mannan Agarwal, who defeated Showrya Somalia by a score of 10-5 in the category’s second final, has been chosen to play for the Pune Jaguars in the upcoming Tennis Premier League.

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