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The X12 pistol reportedly does more damage in Warzone 2 than in Modern Warfare 2

Vital mission at hand: Current Fighting 2 and Disaster area 2 offer a similar weapon assortment. In spite of the fact that they are supposed to act fairly similar in the two games, a YouTuber called ‘TrueGameData’ has viewed the inverse as obvious with regards to the X12 gun.

The well known Extraordinary mission at hand YouTuber as of late examined his discoveries in a video posted on his authority channel. In his tests, the X12 gun managed practically 40% more harm in Disaster area 2 than in Current Fighting 2. He additionally tried different weapons, however they acted true to form and performed much the same way in the two titles.

Both MW2 and WZ2 sent off with a genuinely adjusted munititions stockpile. While certain weapons outflank others in their separate classes, the designers, through patches, guarantee that every one remaining parts cutthroat.

The latest Season 1 Reloaded (December 19, 2022) update accompanied various bug fixes and weapon balance changes. One specific change from the fix hung out in TrueGameData’s eyes. The fix note read:

To test this out, the substance maker jumped into a Disaster area 2 match. He started his assessments with the X12 since it is the principal weapon players generate with in the game.


TrueGameData got going by doing chest shots. He tracked down that in a long-range situation (more than 15 meters), the X12 managed an astounding 41 harm to the chest with protection. In Current Fighting 2, the gun just arrangements 29 harm at that reach.

The YouTuber then, at that point, chose to close the hole. The following test was directed at a nine to 15-meter range. Incredibly, the X12 managed 52 harm. In comparative ranges, the gun would bargain just 36 harm in MW2.

Unsatisfied with the outcomes, TrueGameData chose to get very close with the objective, setting the distance to under nine meters. Be that as it may, the outcomes didn’t change. Here, the X12 managed 62 harm in Disaster area 2 and just 42 in Current Fighting 2.

Tricked by the discoveries, TrueGameData chose to test different weapons in the game. Notwithstanding, every one of the firearms conveyed comparable outcomes in the two titles with the exception of the M4.

The substance maker asserted that the M4 just showed minor errors. Be that as it may, he had no harm measurements to share, as the tests were led in a public entryway, and directing these trials in such scenarios is troublesome.

This is all you want to be familiar with the X12 in the two Important mission at hand games. The weapon is broken in Disaster area 2 and can bargain as much harm as a LMG or Fight Rifle.

Thinking of it as’ the weapon one brings forth with, the X12 will be dangerous in the possession of the right player.

Season 1 Reloaded of Extraordinary mission at hand’s Advanced Fighting 2 and Disaster area 2 is as of now live on PC (by means of and Steam), Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5.

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