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There are three reasons why the Indian Premier League should follow the model of the Big. 

Bash League and cut the number of games.

Since the 2018–19 season, the BBL has been played according to a home-and-away schedule. During the course of the competition, which lasts for almost two months, each team competes in a total of 14 matches.

On the other hand, dwindling interest among spectators and dismal TV ratings, in addition to the unwillingness of international players to participate in the whole of the tournament, are being seen as some of the factors for the decision to cut down on the number of games. In contrast to the BBL, the Indian Premier League increased from eight to ten clubs for the 2022 season. The already established eight franchises were joined by two more teams, the Gujarat Titans (GT) and the Lucknow SuperGiants (LSG), resulting in an increase from sixty to seventy-four games to be played.

An excessive number of games causes viewer fatigue.

The viewing stats for IPL 2022 were really excellent overall. And although this is evidence of the success of the Indian Premier League, the introduction of GT and LSG as competitions during the previous season was a major factor in the increased interest shown by spectators.

The viewers had a great deal of interest and curiosity over the two new brands and how well they would do. Both teams were able to make a significant impression in their first season of competition in the T20 league, with Gujarat, captained by Hardik Pandya, winning the championship in their first year of competition. Fortunately for the T20 league, both teams did so.

There should be no reduction in the IPL’s overall quality.

There are several contexts in which the expression “the more, the merrier” is not applicable. In an interview with PTI from the previous year, the current chairman of the Indian Premier League (IPL), Arun Dhumal, said that there are plans to raise the number of matches in a season to 94 matches in the next five years. It is possible that the Indian Premier League is now officially the second most profitable sports league in the world. On the other hand, it shouldn’t set its sights on competing with football leagues, where a game typically lasts for just 90 minutes. Because Twenty20 matches take a much longer amount of time to finish, raising the total number of games might result in a loss of interest not just among viewers but also among players.

Will aid in player workload management

After the recent review meeting that the Board of Control held for Cricket in India (BCCI), an official statement was issued in which it was revealed that the National Cricket Academy (NCA) and IPL franchises will work together to monitor the workload of 20 Indian players who are likely to be a part of the ODI World Cup later in the year. This information was included in the statement.

The decision was made after significant injuries were sustained in 2022 by a number of important players for India. Due to a back ailment, Jasprit Bumrah, the leading pacer, participated in a limited number of games during the previous season. Ravindra Jadeja, an all-rounder, had a strange knee injury while playing in the Asia Cup in the United Arab Emirates, which caused him to miss the Twenty20 World Cup in Australia. Mohammed Shami and Deepak Chahar were also seen moving back and forth between the starting lineup and the bench.

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