“There was a camp for Virat and a camp for Rohit. Ravi called both of them and said, How Shastri responded to the Rohit vs. Kohli drama

The emergence of social media and reports of a disagreement had reportedly strained their relationship, albeit slightly.

Though Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli were not to blame. Ravi Shastri was there to direct the conflict between the two before it could escalate to a crescendo.

Indian cricket’s two alpha males are Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli. Kohli and Rohit, the team’s two most seasoned cricketers, have a long history.

Since 2008, they have been playing together for the Indian team. Over the years, they have not only helped the team grow a lot, but they have also formed memorable partnerships together.

There is hardly a better sight in world cricket when they bat together and are at their peak. However, this does not imply that the relationship between the two has always been idyllic.

There was a time not too long ago when there were rumors that Kohli and Rohit were at odds, which was bad for Indian cricket.

It gained momentum during the World Cup in 2019 and reached a new high in late 2021 when Kohli was fired as India’s ODI captain.

But did those rumors have any truth to them? It looks like yes. The emergence of social media and reports of a disagreement had reportedly strained their relationship, albeit slightly.

Despite the fact that they were not at fault for it. In his book, former India fielding coach R Sridhar described how Rohit and Kohli’s relationship soured, but Ravi Shastri intervened to keep things under control.

“What allegedly transpired in the dressing room during our campaign and following our semifinal defeat to New Zealand received a lot of negative press after the 2019 World Cup.

In “Coaching Beyond,” Sridhar wrote, “We were informed that there was a Rohit camp and a Virat camp, that someone had unfollowed another on social media — stuff that could be unsettling if you allowed it to fester.”

“For a Twenty20 series against the West Indies in Lauderhill. We arrived in the United States (US) approximately ten days after the World Cup.

When Ravi first arrived, one of his first acts was to summon Rohit and Virat to his room and remind them that Indian cricket’s health depended on their agreement.

Whatever transpired on social media is fine; however, given that you two are the most experienced cricketers. This must end, Ravi stated in his typical non-committal tone.

In order for us to move forward, I want you to put this all behind you and get together.
Kohli and Rohit had pressed the reset button after Shastri, the team’s head coach intervened.

Even though there might not have been much to be concerned about in the beginning. There was a possibility that murmurs would start to appear and cause long-term harm.

Shastri was there to save the day, which was fortunate. He managed the situation in a way that only he could control.

Furthermore, the relationship between Rohit and Kohli significantly improved, as Sridhar rightly points out later.

They appeared to be having fun with the team and, more importantly, each other’s successes. The fact that Rohit lifted Kohli after the former India captain’s match-winning knock against Pakistan.

They Celebrated India’s victory over Australia in a viral video and supported each other. When one was struggling is evidence that Kohli and Rohit are stronger than ever.

“After that, you could see that things started to get better. Ravi’s move was swift, straightforward, and decisive. Getting the two men together, seating them, and getting them to talk was all that was required.

Ravi took no time at all to do so. The atmosphere we had created was evident in his decision to call the white-ball captain and his deputy to express himself clearly.

Sridhar continued, “The mutilate tribute to our culture ‘one for all, all for one. But team above all was that Virat and Rohit saw reason in Ravi’s stance and immediately got down to business.”

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