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these are the 5 best cooperative video games of 2022

From Elden Ring to Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, these are the ten best cooperative video games that came out in 2022.
Since the beginning of the video game industry, the co-op has been a popular feature, and there are still numerous excellent co-op games available today. Most of the excellent co-op games released in 2022 allowed players to team up with friends either online or locally on the couch.

This year, co-op gamers had a lot of options to choose from, including narrative-driven experiences like The Quarry and Elden Ring’s tough-as-nails co-op. However, there were 5 co-op games that stood out as particularly excellent, so if you’re looking for a new game to play.

Here are 5 best cooperative video games of 2022

Elden Ring

FromSoftware’s open-world epic Elden Ring is a fantastic journey on its own, but playing it with friends is even more enjoyable. Like Dull Spirits before it, Elden Ring permits players to gather others into their game world to assist with beating troublesome areas and taking on intense managers. Even though there are some restrictions, Elden Ring co-op basically lets Tarnished play through the entire game from beginning to end and makes it much easier to set up co-op sessions than in previous FromSoftware games.

Elden Ring co-op also has a fascinating PvP component. When players begin a co-op session, they make it possible for Elden Ring PvP invaders to attack, which can intensify an already intense game. The co-op could definitely be improved by FromSoftware, but this is still one of the best co-op experiences of the year.

Escape Academy

Escape Academy presents escape rooms in the form of video games, which are becoming increasingly popular. Players will be transported to an espionage school, where they will learn how to escape.

You can work through the puzzles and challenges in Escape Academy on your own, or you can play with a friend in split-screen and online co-op. Like real-life escape rooms, solving the puzzles at Escape Academy is a lot more fun when done with a group.


Grounded, a survival game based on Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, was released as an early access game by Obsidian Entertainment in July 2020. At the time, the game was in pretty bad shape. The 1.0 version of Grounded, which Obsidian released two years later, demonstrates how far the game has come.

Up to four players can take on the roles of plightful children who have been reduced to sizeless proportions and are forced to survive in the perilous backyard. To defeat massive bugs and obtain the resources needed to construct a shelter, complete quests, and solve the game’s overarching mystery, players must craft tools, weapons, and armor.

Pokemon scarlet and Violet

Pokemon scarlet and Violet positively remain imperfect, with specialized issues overloading the very first genuinely open-world Pokemon experiences. However, despite the fact that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet absolutely require updates to fix some of their issues, the games perfectly implemented co-op. Not only are Pokemon Scarlet and Violet the first games in the main series to feature an open world, but they also support co-op play.

Co-op mode in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet lets up to four players explore the Paldea region together. However, despite the fact that players can stay together and explore together, they can also simply walk off on their own and embark on a completely separate Pokemon adventure if they so choose.

Splatoon 3

From the well-received story mode to the versus multiplayer, which is the heart and soul of any Splatoon game, Splatoon 3 offers players a wide range of game modes to explore. Salmon Run Next Wave is a Horde Mode-style multiplayer game that can be played with friends when players aren’t engaged in the story or versus multiplayer modes.

Salmon Run in Splatoon 2 was time-limited, but in Splatoon 3, players can play it whenever they want. The unique Huge Run variation of the mode is accessible intermittently for Splatoon 3 players to look at also.

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