This F1 location is going to host the fastest Grand Prix ever.

Due to the addition of one additional DRS zone to the historic track, the 2023 Australian GP will be the fastest F1 race ever. Last year, the brand-new DRS zone was initially demonstrated, but it was removed for the main race.

For its return in 2022, the semi-street circuit at Albert Park underwent significant modifications, making it faster than before. A fourth DRS zone will be added to the Australian Grand Prix in 2023, and it will span the entire weekend between Turns 8 and 9.

This area was only used during the Friday practice sessions in the 2022 edition. There is currently no other calendar track that employs more than three DRS zones.

The new DRS zone’s primary goal is to make it easier and safer for drivers to overtake.

The 5.278-kilometer circuit has potential top speeds of up to 340 km/h. According to Andrew Westacott, CEO of the Australian Grand Prix, the race in Melbourne this year is anticipated to be the fastest in the event’s history.

Before the F1 GP, Westacott told the Herald Sun about the addition of a new DRS zone:

“You’ve got the evolution of the cars from last year; they’ve obviously improved, and the fourth DRS zone means that the cars will be faster around the back of the circuit,”

Why is F1 called Formula 1?

Since the advent of social media, Formula One (F1) has seen a significant increase in its global following. However, even the sport’s most ardent followers are unaware of the sport’s name and meaning.

It is worthwhile to examine the sport’s past in order to fully comprehend the significance of this name. In its current form, the sport did not emerge until 1946.

This is when the sport’s governing body, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), took over from the Association Internationale des Automobile Clubs Reconnus (AIACR).

The name “Formula 1” was chosen by the organizers because they thought it best reflected the brand-new racing series that emerged following World War II.

The letter “1” is used to indicate that this racing series is the best in its class, usually indicating that the cars are the fastest in their class.

The Formula One season in 2023, which is scheduled to begin in March, is just around the corner. Current champions Red Bull and Max Verstappen will want to maintain their position at the top of the sport.

However, it has been speculated that Mercedes, Ferrari, and even Aston Martin will compete for the championship this year.

Major upgrades have already been planned by Red Bull

According to a report published by the German publication Auto Motor und Sport (AMuS), Red Bull Racing intends to introduce a significant upgrade to the RB19 in time for the F1 Azerbaijan GP in 2023.

For the third race of the season in Melbourne, the Milton Keynes team is expected to bring a small upgrade, and for the fourth race weekend in Baku, which will also be the first of six Sprint races this season, they are expected to bring a substantial package upgrade.

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