“This is absolutely repugnant”: Days after Shahid Afridi’s remarks, Mohammad Amir was criticized for making an offensive gesture during a PSL match

When Mohammad Amir was playing for the Karachi Kings in a PSL match, his celebrations once more attracted attention.

Just a few days after former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi revealed that he had a conversation with the fast bowler after he threw the ball in the direction of current captain Babar Azam during a Pakistan Super League (PSL) match.

Mohammad Amir has once again attracted attention for his celebrations. The 30-year-old was playing for the Karachi Kings in the Pakistan Super League.

Made the gesture during a PSL match. Amir has since continued with another rather animated celebration, which is being criticized by fans as an inappropriate act.

In addition, Amir suffered an injury after bowling two overs in the Kings’ match against the Lahore Qalandars.

He came out on top with a record of 2-0-12-1. In the sixth over of the Qalandar’s innings, the incident that ended up making headlines was.

Fans were not pleased with Amir’s gesture, especially considering that it comes right after Afridi had revealed the specifics of his conversation with the pacer.

Irfan Khan Niazi made a stunning catch at point, and Amir first leaped into the air before pulling off a celebration that was made famous by WWE star Triple H.

Amir’s celebration was made famous by Triple H. Afridi had previously stated that, following his celebration for the Babar wicket in the match against Peshawar Zalmi, he had a conversation with Amir.

I leave a message for the player to call. Whenever they don’t perform, or even when they do. I also sent Amir a message yesterday. I addressed him with respect while also berating him.

“What do you want?” I asked Amir. You faced a blemish on your reputation after gaining so much respect, but you returned.

In a way, your life has changed. What are you even attempting to accomplish? Added Afridi.
“Koi tareeka hai?” Is this how you should play?)

You are using hurtful words in front of juniors. The sight of that discourages some fans. Even we have used such words, and the camera has occasionally caught us.

Children and families are watching you on TV. Afridi proceeded, “Animosity is fine, yet monitor it.”

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