This WWE star’s favorite wrestler is Rey Mysterio

Mysterio has been wrestling professionally for over 30 years. Mysterio has won three WWE world titles since his debut in 2002, overcoming odds time and time again over those decades.

Mysterio is certain to become a Hall of Famer because he has won the WWE Championship once and the World Heavyweight Championship twice.

Additionally, he is a performer with whom virtually everyone backstage seems to get along. Titus O’Neil, the host of “The Dad Edge Podcast,” explained why Mysterio is his favorite opponent in the ring.

O’Neil stated, “It was like, my first, one of my first few televised matches ever.” It was such a blast. He’s just a phenomenal human being who wants the best for this business. He’s just a really great family man and a great father.

He’s so, so, good at what he does and, you know, he’s smaller, so it’s like, you can do a lot of things with him and a lot of cool things with him throwing him around.”

O’Neil and Mysterio wrestled Mysterio Sin Cara for the first time less than a year after O’Neil made his debut on “WWE SmackDown.” O’Neil and his Prime Time Players partner Darren Young won the match.

Mysterio and Cara won the match, just like they did at Hell in a Cell 2012 less than a month later. To this day, Mysterio and O’Neil have only met once in a singles competition, when Mysterio defeated O’Neil on an episode of “SmackDown” in 2012 in less than three minutes.

O’Neil hasn’t officially retired, but he hasn’t wrestled in a WWE ring since losing to Bobby Lashley in a United States Championship match on “WWE Raw” on November 9, 2020.

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