Three former Indian cricketers who would have brought in the most money at the IPL 2023 Auction

The IPL 2023 Auction is scheduled to take place on December 23 in Kochi, and there is already a lot of buzz and excitement about it. With each of the 10 establishments hoping to resolve their chinks and reinforce their lists, the opportunity will grind to a halt when various invigorating and skilled names go under the mallet.

A number of talented Indian youngsters have risen to prominence ever since the league’s inaugural season in 2008. They have not only established a name for themselves, but they have also swiftly progressed up the ranks to serve as representatives of the nation.

One has to wonder how some of the former Indian cricketers would have fared if they had played in today’s game. Let’s take a look at three of these players who, if they were still playing in the modern game, would have been in high demand at the IPL 2023 Auction.

#1 Kapil Dev

Oh, the riches if Kapil Dev’s name had been sold in a world where everything was perfect! The best all-rounder India has at any point delivered, the previous World Cup-winning captain was well somewhat radical.

He was one of a kind, carrying India’s bowling unit almost entirely on his own and changing games with the bat in his counter-attacking style.

A testament to how he was a talent that transcended generations is the fact that India has struggled to produce a cricketer who is as skilled as the great man.

He would have undoubtedly received a bounty at the IPL 2023 Auction if he had played in the modern era instead.

#2 Javagal Srinath

One of India’s greatest fast bowlers, Javagal Srinath is one of the most sought-after fast bowlers in IPL auctions. He was one of the fastest bowlers to ever play the game and was known as the “Mysore Express.” Throughout the 1990s, he was a key player.

At the IPL 2023 Auction, not many quick Indian pacers are up for grabs. Srinath would have made a lot of money in a perfect world if he had been alive during the current era.

He was the complete package, being able to bowl quickly, swing the ball, and hit a deadly yorker. In a parallel universe, he would have been a smashing hit at the IPL 2023 Auction if it weren’t for the fact that he used to bat as a pinch-hitter.

#3 Sandeep Patil

With an ODI strike rate of 82.17, Patil was clearly a batter who was ahead of his time for the era in which he played. Despite the fact that he went unnoticed for a few years following his World Cup victory in 1983, he was a dashing batter at the time.

Arriving at No. 5, in the World Cup semi-finals against England, Patil bowled a brisk, unbeaten 51 off 32 deliveries. In T20 cricket, middle-order batters who can hit out without using sighters have always been favored.

Even though Patil never played the format, if he had, his strategy would have made him a good pick at the IPL 2023 Auction.

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