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Three injured Chelsea players whose return will help the team perform

Chelsea has suffered a number of injuries this season that have had a significant impact on the team’s overall performance.

Due to injury, the Blues are without at least ten first-team players right now. Christian Pulisic, Wesley Fofana, Raheem Sterling, and Ruben Loftus-Cheek are just a few examples.

It’s hard to believe that these injuries haven’t played a significant role in the team’s overall decline in form, even if there are other factors to consider.

Three Blues players whose return from injury could boost the team’s performance are the focus of this article.

#1 Denis Zakaria

Relatively few fans would have visualized toward the beginning of the time that Denis Zakaria would proceed to turn into a necessary piece of Chelsea.

Due to his impressive performances in recent games, the 26-year-old player has gradually advanced to the Blues’ starting position in the middle of the field.

However, due to a disappointing injury setback against Fulham at Craven Cottage, the Swiss international will no longer be available for the Blues.

In recent times, Zakaria has been Chelsea’s most athletic and energetic midfielder. His quick interceptions and runs also helped start attacks and break up play.

In the Blues’ subsequent games, he is likely to be greatly missed. They will have to make do with an ineffective Jorginho at the midfield’s base, who has frequently exposed the backline.

#2 Reece James

The highly regarded defender has consistently been one of Chelsea’s best players this season whenever he has played for the Blues.

However, Reece James has not been able to play consistently for the West London giants due to injuries.

James has a significant impact on games for the Blues because he plays a crucial role in both the attack and defense when he is on the field.

During games, his remarkable passing and crossing technique frequently contributes to the team’s much-needed creativity. As a result, he has contributed four goals this season.

The 23-year-old player also provides the team with defensive stability, particularly on the right side, where he typically plays.

It is difficult for opposing teams to get past James due to his strength, speed, and defensive awareness. When defending against set pieces, his physique also lends him a significant presence.

#3 N’Golo Kante

Very few Chelsea players, when fully fit, can match N’Golo Kante’s performance or contribution on the field. He is frequently hailed as a key player for the club.

The Blues have missed his presence and work rate in the middle of the field ever since his injury against the Spurs in August of last year.

Kante is well-known for his persistent runs, tackles, interceptions, and ball progression, all of which have been lacking in the midfield this season.

Any Blues player would have a very difficult time imitating his style of play in his absence because it is so distinctive and uncommon.

The team is certain to benefit from Kante’s return, even though the exact date of his return is not yet known to the public.

He has not yet played under English manager Graham Potter and has only made two Premier League appearances for the Blues this season.

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