Three ways Bray Wyatt may exact revenge on Bobby Lashley following WWE SmackDown: New stable of Ring of Honor Wrestling stars debut

A top star from Monday Night RAW made a surprise appearance at WWE SmackDown. When Bobby Lashley appeared on the blue brand, he made it clear that he was unfazed by Bray Wyatt’s bizarre antics ever since the 2023 Royal Rumble.

In fact, Wyatt was called out by The All Mighty, but he didn’t quite get what he wanted. Although the arena became spooky and dark, Bray did not appear there; Uncle Howdy, instead, was the one.

Uncle Howdy tried to blindside Lashley and kill her, but the powerful star got the upper hand and appeared to be in control. Howdy vanished and the lights went out as a result of this. The message was sent, even though Bobby didn’t give Uncle Howdy the full blow he probably wanted.

This is unlikely to be accepted by Bray Wyatt. He will seek retribution because he will perceive Bobby’s attack on Uncle Howdy as a personal attack on him. How could The Eater of Worlds retaliate against the powerful superstar?

Following WWE SmackDown, here are five ways that Bray Wyatt could exact revenge on Bobby Lashley.

#3 Uncle Howdy might strike to exact revenge.

Fans do not yet know how Uncle Howdy and Bray Wyatt interact, but Wyatt is probably the one in charge. He doesn’t seem to listen to anyone and is a former WWE Champion.

When he previously led stars like Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, and Braun Strowman, he was a cruel leader. If those beneath him fail to act, he will lash out. Uncle Howdy is probably the same way. Consequently, Howdy may be seeking retribution.

After WWE SmackDown, the best way for Bray to exact revenge on Lashley is for Howdy to exact his own retribution. The ghoulish star could attack Bobby from behind or fall onto him from a platform.

It has to be done, no matter how he does it. both for the sake of Bray and Howdy.

#2 Vincent & Dutch from ROH may make their WWE television debut.

Vincent, who used to be Vinny Marseglia, has been in professional wrestling for 17 years. Before joining Ring of Honor full-time, the 37-year-old first dabbled in the game for more than a decade. He first belonged to The Kingdom, then to The Righteous.

Dutch, who used to be Bill Carr, is a veteran wrestler who has been around for 13 years. When Florida Championship Wrestling was the main place to train talent, Dutch was signed to a WWE developmental deal. Along with Vincent, he was also a part of The Righteous.

There are rumors that both stars will join WWE, and there are also rumors that they may be Bray Wyatt’s stablemates. The duo could be sent to attack The All Mighty in a surprise attack that nobody, especially Bobby, would have anticipated.

#1 Wyatt 6 could officially exist.

As previously mentioned, there has been a lot of talk about Bray Wyatt being joined by other famous people. Fans predicted the arrival of “The Wyatt 6,” a group of creepy followers of the former champion, even before The Eater of Worlds returned to WWE. It would appear that Uncle Howdy is the first piece of the puzzle.

In addition to Eric Young, who is rumored to have returned to World Wrestling Entertainment from IMPACT Wrestling, Vincent and Dutch have also been rumored to be a part of the group. Lastly, Alexa Bliss has teased a reunion with Bray by interacting with Howdy on screen.

Following Lashley’s actions on WWE SmackDown, there is a possibility that Bray and the entire faction will eventually come together and launch an attack on him. Wyatt, Howdy, Bliss, Vincent, Dutch, and Young have the potential to be terrifying sixsomes that would frighten Bobby Lashley and the rest of WWE. The All Mighty may be responsible for their official debut.

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