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Tiger Woods’ injury Status: Surgeries, procedures, and comebacks during his career

Tiger Woods’ injury Status: Surgeries, procedures, and comebacks during his career: The 47-year-old Tiger Woods, a 15-time major champion, will make his most recent comeback at the Genesis Invitational. You can watch the Genesis Invitational live on Sky Sports Golf starting at 3:30 p.m. ET on Thursday.

We examine how an injury has impacted Tiger Woods’ career ahead of his most recent comeback at the Genesis Invitational next week, from repeated back operations to winning a major with stress fractures and a damaged ACL.

Tiger Woods' injury Status: Surgeries, procedures and comebacks during his career

Woods is approaching the conclusion of his career, and his relatively light PGA Tour schedule reflects that. But Woods continues to compete in the sport’s premier competitions, including the PGA Championship.

Despite this, Woods won’t be competing this weekend for his 16th major championship as he recovers from an injury, the most recent in a long list of illnesses he has experienced in the latter stages of his career. This time, Woods’ sore foot led him to withdraw from the race, denying him the opportunity to win his sixth green jacket at Augusta.

How long is Tiger Woods out?

Tiger Woods’s precise return date is unknown, and neither he nor his agent has provided any recent updates on his expected return date.

Don’t anticipate seeing him back on the course anytime soon given the extensive rehabs he’s undertaken recently.

A subtalar fusion surgical recovery period of about three months is possible. Woods had surgery in April, which meant that his recovery time wouldn’t be over until July. After that, Woods should practice, but it’s safe to assume that he won’t play on the PGA Tour again until later in 2023.

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