“Toh tussle hogi”: “Agar ego par le logey” Shikhar Dhawan discusses his experience playing for Virat Kohli; Compared to MS Dhoni…

Shikhar Dhawan, a former Indian skipper, made the distinction between Virat Kohli’s and MS Dhoni’s leadership styles.

Throughout the course of his illustrious white-ball career, veteran Indian opener Shikhar Dhawan had the honor and privilege of playing for the national team under three famous coaches.

The senior batter is one of the few active cricketers who has collaborated with all three icons of the game, including the legendary captain MS Dhoni, the former captain Virat Kohli, and his partner in crime, Rohit Sharma.

In the limited-overs format, Dhawan and Rohit established an established opening pair before the Hitman assumed the captaincy.

The Indian southpaw, who goes by the name Gabbar, has worked closely with Kohli and Dhoni, who used to be the Indian captains.

Kohli is the most successful Indian captain in the history of Test cricket, whereas Dhoni is the only captain to win the ICC Champions Trophy, the ICC World Cup, and the ICC World T20.

The approaches and styles of the two former Indian skippers were distinct. The veteran Indian opener discussed the differences between Dhoni and Kohli’s leadership styles in an interview with The Lallantop.

All of them are distinct characters. Dhoni keeps her cool. He always backed his players in the past. Dhoni is a person of peace.

He used to keep his cool under pressure. He doesn’t just have access to the game from behind the stumps, does he? From any position on the field, the code can be cracked by a player with excellent game-reading skills.

That person is wise in that way. Regarding Virat, his character is distinct. He has always batted with aggression.

Additionally, he enjoys acting aggressively. Therefore, he has been that character’s captain,” Dhawan stated.

Dhawan also recalled, taking a trip back in time, that Kohli was just 16 or 17 years old when the Delhi batsman made a name for himself in the Ranji Trophy while Dhawan was in charge.

Dhawan noticed that Kohli when he was younger, had a lot of self-confidence. Dhawan gave an interesting response when asked if he noticed a change in his relationship with Kohli. After the star batter became the captain of the Indian team.

“Agar ego par le logey to tussle aygi he aygi” when playing under Kohli. Yes, to the ego’s baat. Do you want to kiss bat ki tussle, ego par nahi?

Ab mein sochu mein iska senior hun – to what extent is this individual an ajaygi? Choti soch hai, wo. Uska is a bad idea. Virat needs only a little help.

Hasi mazak is the way to go. Abhi bhi dekho, senior team member mein. Young hai, sarey ladkey. bachey nahi kheech saktey, ab mein kheech sakta hun uski tang I think Virat is a great player.


It is naam, hai. Ab humara is bachpun, hai. He rehta hai hum to phir waisey. That’s not how it works. It will hurt you if you take it on your ego.

Then it’s a question of ego, isn’t it? if I continue to believe I am playing under him and am a senior. There will then be ego. To me, it’s all silly thinking. And having that is unnecessary.

It has no value. I consider Virat to be a close friend. We enjoy healthy banter and have good camaraderie.

He is a senior Team India player. Young players cannot pull their legs, but I can. He plays a big role. Since our early playing days, we exude good humor and camaraderie),” Dhawan added.

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