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Top 10 Best Defender in the Pro Kabaddi 2021-22

Pro Kabaddi League is a professional league in India which broadcast on the Star Sports network channel as we know season 8 is going on in 2021-22. There are many new players added up and some old are out but the league has found their best defenders. Check Top 10 Best Defender in the Pro Kabaddi.

Defense is an important role in the Kabaddi and its hod team success, and because of it, the team needs a strong defensive player. Also, India has produced some of the best and strong ones. So below we can check out the complete details


Top 10 Best Defender in the Pro Kabaddi 2021-22

10. Ran Singh

Top 10 Best Defender in the Pro Kabaddi
Top 10 Best Defender in the Pro Kabaddi

Ran Singh is considered one of the best defenders who easily tackle the points, he has been placed in the top 10 positions. However, getting fame isn’t an easy task apart from famous sports like cricket and football and sometimes he fails to deserve the star face side.

  1. Current Team: Tamil Thalaiva
  2. Real Name: Ran Singh
  3. Birth Date: 2nd April 1987
  4. Nationality: Indian

9. Amit Hooda

Top 10 Best Defender in the Pro Kabaddi

Amit Hooda is the only Jaipur player who has made it to the list he has played a total of 88 matches with 237 tackle points in PKL. He always plays passionately and gives his best shot he is considered as one the hardworking and down-to-earth man.

  1. Current Team: Jaipur Pink Panther
  2. Real Name: Amit Hooda
  3. Birth Date: 3rd May 1996
  4. Nationality: Indian

8. Dharmaraj Cheralathan

Top 10 Best Defender in the Pro Kabaddi

Dharmaraj Cheralathan represents Jaipur Pink Panthers he is very famously known as “Anna” a nickname given by his fans and friends. He is one of the oldest players with a lot of experience and skills this would be his second or third decade of being around the league

  1. Current Team: Pink Panther
  2. Real Name: Dharmaraj Cheralathan
  3. Birth Date: 21st April 1975
  4. Nationality: Indian

7. Girish Maruti Ernak

Top 10 Best Defender in the Pro Kabaddi

Girish Maruti is in the seventh list of PKL with tackle points 262, he is just 27 years old who is very passionate about his playing. Ever since he first started playing for Puneri Paltan as a defender till now he is continuing it with that team only.

  1. Current Team: Puneri Paltan
  2. Real Name: Girish Maruti Ernak
  3. Birth Date: 12th Dec 1990
  4. Nationality: Indian

6. Mohit Chhillar

Top 10 Best Defender in the Pro Kabaddi

Mohit Chillar who has played for Tamil Thalaivas, for the past decade he has been considered as one of the best and strong defenders with tackle points 277 points.

He has one of the most versatile personalities as he can easily adapt to the changes and go from one corner to another without hesitating. He began his career in the year 2014 with U Mumba and later on, he changed to many teams but currently, he is in Thalaivas.

  1. Current Team: Tamil Thalaivas
  2. Real Name: Mohit Chillar
  3. Birth Date: 13th July 1993
  4. Nationality: Indian

5. PO Surjeet Singh

Top 10 Best Defender in the Pro Kabaddi

P O Surjeet Singh who is the right cover defender specializes in the dash and blocking and is also famous for it in the previous PKL season he has scored 63 tackle points.

Being a great player isn’t easy enough the player needs to show their consistency and hard work to play well enough and win the title. Whereas Singh’s journey has been a roller coaster ride for himself as he is still doing his best in-game.

  1. Current Team: Tamil Thalaivas
  2. Real Name: P O Surjeet Singh
  3. Birth Date: 10th Aug 1990
  4. Nationality: Indian

4. Nitesh Kumar

Top 10 Best Defender in the Pro Kabaddi

Nitesh Kumar is an Indian Kabaddi player who currently plays for U.P Yoddha, in season six he was the very first player of PKL history to score up to 100 tackle points in a single campaign.

His matches are always exciting and entertaining to watch as he gives very good performance and no doubt he is being best for his team. However, he looking forward to troubling raiders in the upcoming future

  1. Current Team: U.P Yoddha
  2. Real Name: Nitesh Kumar
  3. Birth Date: 12th Aug 1997
  4. Nationality: Indian

3. Fazel Atrachali

Top 10 Best Defender in the Pro Kabaddi

Fazel Atrachali who belongs from Iranian he is in the top 3 spots of PKL with 82 tackle points in the 24th match, he has the highest tackle points and he is the left defender.

However in the previous season, the matches were not won by him were he managed to give his best, in this session the game is going very well and the players are giving all their best and worthy shot to make till finales and win the title championship.

  1. Current Team: U Mumba
  2. Real Name: Fazel Atrachali
  3. Birth Date: 29th March 1992
  4. Nationality: Indian

2. Ravinder Pahal

Top 10 Best Defender in the Pro Kabaddi

Ravinder Pahal is one of the most successful defenders of the previous season with 63 tackle points in total 23 matches that have been played. He is also a two-time finalist of PKL and he is the strongest player one could have on the team.

He signed his right corner defender contract of ₹74 lakh because as mentioned under his teams and players it makes it stronger and easy to win.

  1. Current Team: Gujarat Giants
  2. Real Name: Ravinder Pahal
  3. Birth Date: 7th Dec 1990
  4. Nationality: Indian

1. Rinku Narwal

Top 10 Best Defender in the Pro Kabaddi

Rinku Narwal who is one of the top listed and best players of PKL has 64 tackle points with 23 games he performs as a left corner.

In his previous season, he has played a huge role with his team as he forms a very strong partnership deal to the trouble out the opposite raider and makes their confidence a little low. However, Rinku is considered one of the best and stronger players.

  1. Current Team: Bengal Warrior
  2. Real Name: Rinku Narwal
  3. Birth Date: 1st Jan 1970
  4. Nationality: India

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