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Top 10 Best Liverpool’s best Premier League forward Ranking


Mohamed Salah lately came only the fourth Liverpool player to make it to 100 pretensions in the Premier League.  And it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that the Egyptian King will move into the top three of the list this season. Check 10 Best Liverpool’s Best Premier League.



Top 10 Best Liverpool’s Best Premier League Forward Ranking

Then is whose records he is chasing. He is surpassed en route to getting the Reds’fourth-loftiest league arranger since 1992.

1. Daniel Sturridge (50 pretensions)

10 Best Liverpool's Best Premier League

Regardless of all his physical issue inconveniences, Sturridge made it into the elite club of Liverpool’s Premier League half-centurions.

The former England transnational enjoyed his stylish season for the Reds in2013/14, chancing the net 21 times in 29 appearances as Brendan Rodgers’ side atrophied in their pursuit of the title. 

2. Dirk Kuyt (51 pretensions)

10 Best Liverpool's Best Premier League

His sensational work rate may have made him a walking billboard for the kind of players suckers love’, but Kuyt still popped up with his fair share of pretensions during six times at Liverpool. 

The sedulous Dutchman noway scored further than 13 in a season, but he hit double numbers in three juggernauts and featured in all 38 games as the Reds finished second in2008/09 under Rafael Benitez. 

3. Fernando Torres (65 pretensions)

10 Best Liverpool's Best Premier League

 Torres arrived at Anfield to important fanfare in the summer of 2007. having come one of Europe’s most sought-after youthful strikers at Atletico Madrid. 

And’El Nino’ lived up to the hype, banging in 24 Premier League pretensions in his first season with the Reds and 65 in 102 appearances in the competition altogether- ahead of his rancorous departure for Chelsea in January 2011. which did not die out too well. 

4. Luis Suarez (69 pretensions)

10 Best Liverpool's Best Premier League

Suarez only made 110 Premier League appearances for Liverpool, but he sunk his teeth into the division. 

The fat Uruguayan bagged 51 of his 69 pretensions in his final 66 appearances, winning the 2013/14 Golden Boot as he came one of only six players to break the 30- thing hedge in a 38- game Premier League season. 

5. Roberto Firmino (70 pretensions)

10 Best Liverpool's Best Premier League

Another inexhaustible Liverpool forward (not that any of them. can go to be anything other than that in Jurgen Klopp’s side), Firmino caught Suarez with a chapeau- trick in the Reds’5-0 rout of Watford at the weekend. 

In doing so, he came the first Brazilian to score many chapeaus- tricks in the Premier League. adding to the bone he scored against Arsenal in December 2018.

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6. Sadio Mane (79 pretensions)

10 Best Liverpool's Best Premier League

Given that the coming player on this list is 23 pretensions ahead of him. Mane might noway get any advanced than fifth-but he presumably is not too irritated about that. 

That is because the speedy Senegal transnational has a Golden Boot to his name, participating in the 2018/19 award in a three-way tie with Salah and Arsenal’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang-plus he is over to 100 Premier League pretensions in total, having indented 21 for Southampton. 

7. Mohamed Salah (102 pretensions)

10 Best Liverpool's Best Premier League

 The man of the moment himself reached the 100- thing mark for Liverpool when he struck in the Reds’3-3 draw down to Brentford in September. 

Along with Mane and Didier Drogba, Salah is one of only three African players to rack up 100 or further Premier League pretensions-and he has 104 in total, having scored in his lower than memorable spell at Chelsea. 

8. Michael Owen (118 pretensions)

10 Best Liverpool's Best Premier League

Had it not been for the recreating hamstring injury which compromised his career, Owen might be number one on this list. 

To rank third is no mean feat, but, and he remains the youthful player to register 100 Premier League pretensions, doing so at the age of 23 times and 134 days in April 2003-when he got on the scoresheet four times as the Reds thumped West Brom 6-0.

9. Steven Gerrard (120 pretensions)

10 Best Liverpool's Best Premier League

The only forward in the top 10 may have scored a sizeable knob of his pretensions from penalties and free-kicks, but only 18 players have been on target more times in Premier League history. 

Those pretensions against Olympiacos and AC Milan may be most etched in the minds of Liverpool suckers. but their fabulous Titleholders League-winning captain still gave them a plenitude of recollections to cherish at domestic position- including a chapeau- trick on his 400th Premier League appearance, a 3-0 Merseyside derby palm over Everton. 

10. Robbie Fowler (128 pretensions)

10 Best Liverpool's Best Premier League

One of the deadliest finishers in the country throughout the 90s, Fowler would rank common-first then with the pretensions from his first spell at Anfield alone.

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