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Top 10 cricket stadiums in India

Top 10 cricket stadiums in India

Top 10 cricket stadiums in India: Over the course of the last few centuries, cricket has found a home in many different countries. As the sport spread to new countries, stadiums were built to accommodate the growing fan base. 

Top 10 cricket stadiums in India: Over the course of the last few centuries, cricket has found a home in many different countries.
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Each of these venues—whether large or little, round or oval, grassy or arid—provided a unique environment in which the game could flourish.

The enormous number of spectators who travel to India to see any given match makes the country’s stadiums particularly vital. Ten of India’s finest cricket grounds are listed here.

1. Eden Gardens

The obvious answer is this one. Eden Gardens is cherished by cricket enthusiasts as the crown jewel of Indian cricket. Since its inaugural test match in 1934, the stadium has witnessed cricket’s incredible expansion in India.

Eden Gardens is revered by cricket enthusiasts around the world. India’s cricket squad hasn’t had the best of luck up until recently when players like Harbhajan Singh and Anil Kumble carved out victories against Australia and Pakistan. There has been more than its share of drama and fighting on this terrain.

Crowd violence and turmoil at various points in the site’s history. It has witnessed both bloodshed and jubilation over the course of its existence, and the memories it bears are holy to its devoted following.

2. Arun Jaitley Stadium

Once known as Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium, this cricketing hub in Delhi has witnessed the rise and fall of many future stars of the Indian national side. Given its long association with the sport and the care with which the pitch and grounds are maintained by the stadium’s dedicated grounds crew, it is without question one of the finest stadiums in India. It was also one of the first cricket stadiums in the Indian subcontinent, opening in 1883.

These storied fields have witnessed many historic moments, like Anil Kumble’s 10-wicket blitz. Several stalwarts, like S. Venkataraghavan, had their test debuts here and amassed impressive statistics, including 8-72 and 4-80.

Bedi and Prasanna, for example, both had centuries at the Kotla, with the latter’s 18 wickets being a major factor in India’s historic victory over Australia. However, the stadium’s future is uncertain after an ODI in 2019 between India and Sri Lanka had to be postponed due to an unsafe pitch. However, this fact in no way lessens the significance or relevance of these grounds, which have witnessed the constant growth of Indian cricket for nearly a century and a half.

3. Wankhede Stadium

Every Indian cricket fan has a soft spot in their heart for this one. After a dispute between the Bombay Cricket Association (BCA) and the Cricket Council of India (CCI) made the Brabourne Stadium off-limits to the BCA, the Wankhede Stadium was constructed. The new stadium was the third to be constructed in the country’s “cricket capital.” It could hold 45,000 spectators.

Wankhede has witnessed some incredible moments and milestones, like Ravi Shastri’s six sixes and Vinod Kambli’s 224 against England, the greatest individual score by an Indian there.

The 2011 ODI World Cup victory, led by MS Dhoni, stands out because it marked the team’s long-awaited return to the competition after a 28-year absence. The shadow of Ravi Shastri’s final-ball analysis in the finals still hangs heavy over the arena.

The red soil and proximity to the ocean are reportedly good for spinners. Due to the unpredictable nature of the field and the winds, as well as the vibrant spirit that Mumbai fans bring to the game, this location has become a favorite among cricket fans from all over the world.

4. Narendra Modi Stadium

Narendra Modi Stadium, formerly known as Sardar Patel Stadium or Motera Stadium, has been refurbished and renamed to become the largest cricket ground in the world, surpassing the MCG in size.

It can accommodate up to 132,000 spectators and boasts a long legacy of up-and-coming artists and successful albums. The stadium was built in 1982 with the intention of improving cricket in the province.

Sunil Gavaskar’s 10,000th run and Kapil Dev’s 432nd test wicket, breaking Richard Hadlee’s record, both took place on these grounds. These facilities have undergone periodic reconstruction and improvement; the most recent period will last for another five years, from 2015 to 2020. Cricket fans around the world are hoping for additional games to be played at one of India’s top venues shortly.

5. M. Chinnaswamy Stadium

Bangalore’s M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, which is home to one of the league’s most popular clubs, has played a significant role in the development of Indian cricketers.

The stadium has been used for cricket matches since 1969 when it was still known as the Karnataka State Cricket Association Stadium. In 1974–75, it became a test match, and one of the greatest batters of all time, Viv Richards, made his debut that season.

Around 40,000 spectators can fit inside, and it has seen some truly historic games in its 50+ years of existence. Since the last India vs. South Africa match was washed out there and leaky roofs over the stands were noticed and disseminated via fans, the BCCI has been under heat for the poorly maintained stands in the stadium.

6. MA Chidambaram Stadium

The MA Chidambaram Stadium has been in operation for nearly a century, making it the spiritual center of cricket in the Madras Presidency.

Chepauk was built in 1916, and in 1933–1934 it hosted its first test match. In 1951–52, India overcame England here for the first time in a test match, winning by 8 runs with an innings to spare. And it was here that Sunil Gavaskar scored his 30th test century. Chepauk has seen some of the best cricket played by the country and its regional teams over the years, and it can house up to 38,000 spectators.

7. Rajiv Gandhi Cricket Stadium

To guarantee that cricketers in Hyderabad have a suitable field for games and training, the Rajiv Gandhi Cricket Stadium was built.

The Lal Bahadur Shastri Stadium’s confines necessitated its creation. It’s been mired in politics at the state level and inside the Cricket Association, and there’s been more than its fair share of the scandal surrounding it.

Although it has not yet hosted a major match, the venue has all the modern amenities necessary to host a successful international contest.

8. HPCA Stadium Dharamshala

The scenic HPCA Stadium can seat 23,000 people and is located in between the snow-capped slopes of Dharamshala. Due to its spacious stands and unobstructed views of the surrounding hills, it is regarded as one of the most peaceful venues in which to play home to a match.

This stadium is one of the tallest in India, perched at an altitude of 1317 meters above sea level. One of the few places in the country where women’s cricket players can live is at the stadium run by the HPCA.

Because of the IPL, the Dharamshala stadium is now more well-known and appreciated. One of the top cricket stadiums in India, its location, upkeep, and amenities give it a chance to become a fan and player favorite on a global scale.

9. Mohali Cricket Stadium Punjab

Mohali, India’s Punjab Cricket Association Stadium has state-of-the-art practice facilities and a field worthy of the best teams in the world. One of the most popular and iconic stadiums in the country was built on what was once swampy terrain in 1992.

So that planes taking off or landing at the neighboring airport wouldn’t collide with the floodlights at the IS Bindra Stadium, they were turned down to a low setting. The 26,000-person capacity stadium has hosted many future national team members.

In the past, this was one of the most notable grounds for its wonderful contribution to pace, but that has changed, especially in light of recent restorations.

The 2011 World Cup semi-final between India and Pakistan, which was attended by the Prime Ministers of both countries, is just one of many memorable games played on these grounds. Since the IS Bindra Stadium is among the greatest in India for cricket, it will likely start hosting more games soon.

10. Naya Raipur International Stadium

One of the newest and most up-to-date venues in India is the Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium in Naya Raipur.

Despite its early 2000s opening, it has yet to host a major international cricket match. Two of Delhi’s 2011 Indian Premier League games were played there because it served as the team’s secondary home stadium.

This stadium, which can hold up to 49,000 spectators, looks like it will be a blast to visit for major international sporting events.

India has done more than any other country to support and facilitate the sport of cricket, making it the “second home” of the game. Even if they haven’t played host to any particularly memorable games, India’s top cricket grounds nevertheless pay tribute to the sport and provide plenty of facilities for cricket to grow and thrive.

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