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Top 10 Greatest Left-Handed Batsmen in Cricket History

Cricket history is full of worthy players, each having different styles, attitudes, and techniques of playing. Mostly it’s seen that players play with their right hand but the players who play with their left hand are somewhat special. It may be a myth but it’s considered that left-handed people are superior to right-handed. Lefties have a different approach and are more sharp-minded than others.

Left-handed batsmen scores more run and plays for a longer time than expected from others. Bowlers sometimes feel it difficult to make them out. The following article is based on those legends who play cricket with their left hand.

Left-Handed Batsmen in The Cricket History:

Left-handed batsmen seem to be very few among us but these batsmen have left a worthy impression on the public by their scores. They have given tough competition to all the right-handed batsmen like Brian Lara with Sachin Tendulkar, Arthur Morris with Don Bradman, and many more.

This article discusses the top 10 greatest Left handed batsmen that the world has seen. The list consists of  Matthew Hayden, Saeed Anwar, Allan Border, Sanath Jayasuriya, Clive Lloyd, Kumar Sangakkara, Adam Gilchrist, Sir Garry Sobers, Sourav Ganguly, and Brian Lara. These legends will be discussed here.

10. Mathew Hayden:

Mathew Hayden belongs to the Australian team. He is a retired left-handed player now. He has played for several teams like Brisbane heat, Chennai super kings, Hampshire, and Northamptonshire. He played for Australian National Cricket Team.

He scored net 8625 runs in 184 innings under 103 international test matches. His achievement consists of 30 centuries and 29 half centuries. His best test match score is 380 and his best ODI score is 181. This makes takes him into the top ten positions among left-handed players.


9. Saeed Anwar:

Saeed Anwar is a Pakistani player. He is a retired left-handed batsman. He has been a part of many teams such as the Agriculture Development Bank of Pakistan, Karachi, Lahore, and United Bank Limited. He was a player on the Pakistani National Cricket team.

He scored 4052 runs in 91 innings under 55 international matches. He made 11 centuries and 25 half-centuries in his career. His best score in test matches was 188 and his best ODI score was 194.


8. Allan Border:

The retired legend Allan border is an Australian Left-handed batsman. He played for the Australian National cricket team. He has been a part of many teams such as Essex Gloucestershire, New South Wales, and Queensland. He has been one of the most successful captains in cricket history.

He scored 11174 runs in 265 innings in 156 international test matches and 6524 runs in 273 ODI matches. He made 27 centuries and 63 half-centuries in his career. This makes him the 8th ranked on the list.


7. Sanath Jayasuriya:

Sanath Jayasuriya is a retired left-handed batsman who belongs to Sri Lanka. He was a part of teams such as Colombo Cricket clubs, Dolphins, Marylebone Cricket Club, Mumbai Indians, Ruhuna, and somerset. His main team was the Sri Lanka National Cricket team.

He scored 6973 runs in 188 innings in 110 international tests matches and 13430  runs in ODI matches. His best score in test matches is 340 and his best score in ODI is 189. His achievement consists of 14 centuries and 31 half centuries.


6. Clive Lloyd:

The former West Indies player Clive Lloyd is one of the most famous left-handed batsmen in cricket history. He has been a player on the West Indies National Cricket team. He has been a part of many teams such as British Guiana, Guyana, and Lancashire.  

He scored 7515 runs in 175 innings in 110 international matches and 1977 runs in 87 ODI matches. He made 19 centuries and 39 half-centuries in his career. He received the Wisden Cricketer of the year award in 1971.


5. Kumar Sangakkara:

Kumar Sangakkara is a Sri Lankan batsman cum wicketkeeper whom the world remembers as one of the greatest cricketers in the world. Besides Srilanka National cricket team he played for many other teams also like the Colombo Cricket clubs, dolphins, etc. He was a part of teams such as Kings XI Punjab, Sunrises Hyderabad, Karachi Kings, Multan Sultans, etc.

He scored a total of 12400 runs in 134 matches and 14235 runs in 404 ODI matches.  He made 38 centuries and 59 half-centuries in his test cricket career.  His astonishing records led him to the 5th position on the list.


4. Adam Gilchrist:

Adam Gilchrist has been a retired Australian left-handed batsman player. He has been the greatest Wicketkeeper of all time also. He played for many teams like Deccan Chargers, Kings XI Punjab, New South Wales, and Western Australia. He was a player on the Australian National Cricket Team.

He made 5570 runs in   137 innings in 96 international matches and 9619 runs in 287 ODI matches. He scored 17 centuries and 26 half-centuries in his career. He deserves to at the fourth position on this list.


3. . Sir Garry Sobers:

Sir Garry sobers belongs to the West Indian National cricket team. He has been a player on many teams such as Barbados, Nottinghamshire, and South Australia. He is again a retired left-handed player.

He scored 8032 runs in 160 innings in 93 international test matches and 28314 runs in ODI matches. He made 26 centuries and 30 half-centuries in his career. He stands to be in the third position on this list.


2. Sourav Ganguly:

Sourav Ganguly stands to be the most successful Cricket captain in the world. He is a retired left-handed Indian Batsman.  He was a player on the Indian National Cricket team. Besides this, he played for teams such as Kolkata Knight riders, Marylebone Cricket Club and Pune Warrior, etc.

He scored 7212 runs in 188 innings and 113 international matches and 11363 runs in 311 ODI matches. He made 16 centuries and 35 half-centuries in his career.  His amazing records made him earn second place on this list.


1. Brian Lara:

Brian Lara is a retired west Indian left-handed cricket batsman. He played for the West Indian National Cricket Team. Besides this, he played for teams like Marylebone Cricket cub, Mumbai Champs, Northern Transvaal, and many more.

He scored 11953 runs in 232 innings in 132 international matches and 10405 runs in 299 ODI matches. He made 34 centuries and 48 half-centuries in his whole career. With his Best scores and record, he stands to be at The first position in the list of the Greatest left-handed batsman in cricket history.


The Left handed players are definitely a boon for the world. They have a strategic style of playing which makes them successful in their career. The world always encourages and remembers all these legends who have achieved name and fame through their record.

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