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Top 10 Hottest WNBA Players 2022

Top 10 Hottest WNBA Players 2022

Who are the best basketball players in the WNBA? The WNBA is a unique league in that it features some of the best female basketball players in the world. In addition to being great athletes, they are also attractive and charismatic personalities.

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We’ve chosen the 10 hottest basketball players in the WNBA based on their ranking on the All-Star Game ballot. The list also includes the team they play for, how many points they scored, how many rebounds they grabbed, and how many assists they had.

1. Katie Lou Samuelson 

Katie Lou Samuelson Excited to Return to 3x3 on its Biggest Stage to Date

A youthful, skilled, and attractive American international basketball player, tops the list of the WNBA’s prettiest female athletes. Do you know who she is? A hot, attractive, and cheerful face in the field of basketball is Katie Lou Samuelson.

She’s among the top attractive female basketball superstars around the globe right now, attributed to her gorgeous appearance and strong physique. She is among the top point guards in the WNBA professionally. The bright, gorgeous basketball star still has a bright future ahead of her to establish herself as the finest.

2. Te’a Cooper

Te'a Cooper had a strong rookie year with the L.A. Sparks - Silver Screen  and Roll

Te’a Cooper is a young basketball player who is tall and attractive and is next on the ranking of the prettiest WNBA athletes. She is attractive because of her amazing attitude and amazing body.

Te’a Cooper excels in the point guard spot, where she primarily plays. She was selected in the 2020 WNBA proposal after dominating collegiate basketball for Tennessee and Baylor.

3. Amanda Zahui B. 

Zahui redo för avkast: "Vi kommer att chocka" | SvD

Another attractive WNBA athlete adds elegance to the list with charm and good looks. Attractive Swedish center player Amanda Zahui B. is a talented basketball player. However, her lovely hair and charming face are even more stunning.

While enjoying basketball for Minnesota during her time in college, Amanda was selected by the WNBA in 2015. Her 1.96m height helps form her abilities as a competitive basketball player.

4. Karlie Samuelson

Seattle Storm add forward Karlie Samuelson to roster for remainder of  season | RSN

American professional basketball player Karlie Samuelson attended Stanford University throughout her college years. The next most attractive basketball player in our ranking is Karlie. Her stunning features and lovely body would drive anyone insane.

She is known for her elegance and attractive appearance as a basketball player 1.83 meters tall. She is a player who was selected in the 2017 WNBA draught.

5. Lauren Cox

Lauren Cox 26753-1407 - JDRF

Lauren Cox is a professional basketball player who plays for the New York Liberty of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). Isn’t that sufficient justification for her inclusion in the ranking of the WNBA’s sexiest female basketball athletes? Her alluring eyes well explain her attractiveness. 

Cox is a talented professional basketball player from the United States. A basketball player that is 1.93 meters tall has an advantage due to height. She was selected in the 2020 WNBA draught after playing collegiate basketball for the Baylor Lady Bears.

6. Maria Vadeeva

Russian center and Los Angeles Sparks' first-round pick Maria Vadeeva  joining team this weekend according to a team official

Another beautiful, attractive basketball player, Maria Vadeeva, is next on the ranking of the WNBA’s prettiest female athletes. She is a talented center player for her squad who is young and energetic.

Maria Vadeeva, a Russian basketball player who stands 1.93 meters tall, was selected by the WNBA in 2018. She is a talented athlete with a lovely body. In her rookie season with Washington, she averaged 3.2 points and 1 rebound per game while shooting 62 percent from the field and 65 percent from three-point range.

7. Tiffany Mitchell

Big Brother' Alums Call Tiffany a 'Mastermind in the Making'

It would be a tragedy for the University of South Carolina alumna’s magnificence to go unappreciated. She is 5 feet 9 inches tall and has a captivating appearance that you can’t help but be drawn to even if you try to ignore it. Every time she glances at the cameras, the American basketball player for the Indiana Fever of the WNBA can compel you to gaze at your TV.

8. Liz Cambage

Who Is Liz Cambage Dating? All About Celebrity's Romantic Life & Love  Affair - OtakuKart

Liz Cambage is a tall and attractive WNBA player, who is among the league’s top athletes. In addition, she is among the WNBA’s tallest female basketball athletes.  Liz stands 2.03m tall and has an attractive physique and a strong character. The WNBA selected Australian competitive basketball player Liz Cambage in 2011. 

Cambage is one of the best scorers in the WNBA and it’s not hard to see why she’s among one of the top basketball players in The WNBA. She also plays on both sides of the ball, which makes her one of the toughest players to stop in any game.

9. Natalie Achonwa

Natalie Achonwa: Pride on playing for country runs deep in Canadian women -

Natalie Achonwa, a stunning Canadian basketball player, will be next on the ranking of the WNBA’s sexiest and most attractive female basketball players. She stands 1.92 meters tall and has a lovely face with a smile. 

She stands out from the crowd because of her attractiveness. She is one of the list’s hot characters. She’s also been named to the All-Defensive Team three times while playing for Indiana Fever so far.

10. Megan Gustafson

Megan Gustafson of Iowa dominates women's college basketball after  mastering Mikan drill - The Washington Post

The attractiveness grows brighter as you scroll down the list of the sexiest female basketball players. For example, the following beautiful face on the list is Megan Gustafson. Also, she is a professional basketball player from the United States who is adored for her extraordinary beauty and appeal. In 2019, Megan Gustafson was selected to play in the WNBA. She is a striker on the team. Her stunning eyes further enhance her beauty and glitzy appearance. In the USA and around the world, basketball is among the most popular sports. The NBA and WNBA are two of the most popular sports leagues in America. Male and female basketball fans are both equally prevalent. The WNBA pays its athletes quite well for their work. Ultimately, the WNBA is a league driven by star players. They are entertainers and they inspire the next generation of women to strive for greatness. NBA basketball is already kind of hot in its own right so, these players just add to the fire. These women give female sports fans something to cheer for which makes for an exciting game each time you tune into a game.

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