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Top 10 NFL running back rotations: Browns, Colts headline best backfields entering 2022

Top 10 NFL running back rotations: Browns, Colts headline best backfields entering 2022

Top 10 NFL running back rotations: In spite of the fact that the National Football League (NFL) is increasingly becoming a passing league, having a formidable rushing attack as opposed to merely a competent one might be the deciding factor in whether or not a team competes for the championship.

Top 10 NFL running back rotations: In spite of the fact that the National Football League (NFL) is increasingly becoming a passing league
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The question that has to be asked is whether or not an exceptional running back is necessary to dominate the ground game. Or just an exceptional rotation? Everyone can agree that Derrick Henry and Dalvin Cook are two of the top players at their respective positions, but which clubs have the backfields as a whole that are the most dominant?

One ranking system can be used to identify the top 10 teams heading into 2022 as follows:

10. Panthers

Since McCaffrey has only participated in 10 games over the course of the past two seasons, there is a significant risk of wear and tear occurring. However, when he is in good health, he functions as a dual-purpose, chain-moving machine. In the year 2021, Hubbard demonstrated that he has the potential to be a good traditional fill-in, and Foreman had some success in Tennessee replacing Henry.

9. Titans

This is all about King Henry, a freak of nature who is a matchup nightmare every week due to his gigantic combination of imposing size, brutal power, and top-end speed. King Henry is the star of the show. Henry’s enormous workload is certain to take an additional toll, and neither Hilliard nor Haskins have a significant amount of expertise in the field. Up until that point, Tennessee’s team just has the composition to wear down their opponents.

8. Broncos

After making his first official start as a rookie, Williams already has more than 1,300 total yards, suggesting that he may be able to carry the backfield by himself. But Gordon is astute and productive, particularly when it comes to the pitch count. All eyes are on Russell Wilson and the passing game, but the best complements to the quarterback are arguably right here, at the same position that Pete Carroll prized so highly in Seattle.

7. Saints

They would be higher, primarily owing to Kamara and his big-play pass-catching, if it weren’t for the likelihood that No. 41 may face a significant ban due to off-field behavior and the fact that he has been involved in it. And maybe if Ingram, who was 32 at the time, hadn’t started to slow down. Still, when Kamara is on the field, he is typically the most dynamic player there, and he has carried New Orleans on his own previously.

6. Cowboys 

Even though Zeke is receiving a lot of criticism these days for not being able to replicate Pollard’s explosiveness, he is still an above-average starter for a top-10 offense who is responsible for doing everything. The one-two punch has the potential to be quite damaging if Dallas continues to wisely expand Pollard’s position as both a runner and a receiver in order to speed up their assault. Will the offensive line be able to maintain their position and keep the team moving?

5. Ravens

Their explosive start to the season may be tempered by the fact that three of their top four running backs are returning from injuries that ended their seasons in the previous year. But there’s a good reason why Baltimore has long been held up as a model for offenses that focus on running the ball. Dobbins has the physique of a workhorse, Edwards is very effective as a change of pace, and Davis has a great deal of experience playing the role of a physical substitute who catches passes.

4. Packers

The high marks are solely attributable to their top two performers. In spite of his injury history, Jones possesses all of the tools that modern starters should have, yet Dillon’s size and physicality make it possible for Green Bay to play a more traditional style of football. It is expected that Aaron Rodgers will rely on them even more now that Davante Adams is no longer with the team, which might not be a terrible thing at all.

3. Vikings

When in peak physical condition, there are perhaps only one or two running backs who garner greater attention than Cook. The great running back for the Vikings is one of the most gifted natural runners in all of football, despite the fact that it is almost certain that he will miss one to three games each season due to injury. His maximum velocity is unfathomable. Mattison, on the other hand, is virtually an identical twin in terms of size and has been an unappreciated No. 2 for many years.

2. Colts

Star power is important, and Taylor possesses it in spades, giving Indianapolis possibly the most complete running back in the entirety of the NFL. Every time he passes the ball to No. 28, Matt Ryan will feel a sense of fulfillment. Hines, on the other hand, continues to be a dependable safety valve in the receiving position, and Lindsay, at the very least, provides a lot of grit and starting experience. If the Colts make it back to the postseason, their running game will undoubtedly be a major factor in their success.

1. Browns

Although it’s a toss-up with the Colts, all three of the Browns’ top backs have shown they can be effective as the team’s RB1 when given the opportunity. Chubb and Hunt are undeniably talented players in their own right, despite the fact that Cleveland’s line plays a role in this situation. 

The former has been a classic ball-carrier who is smooth and has averaged more than 5 yards per carrying in each of his four NFL seasons. Hunt, on the other side, is even more nimble and has good hands, thus Kevin Stefanski uses him as his first baseman in his ground attack.

Honorable honors

Eagles (Miles Sanders, Kenneth Gainwell, and Boston Scott): Sanders still has home-run potential, Gainwell is on the rise as a utility man, and Scott retains elements of Darren Sproles as a smaller guy who packs a punch. All three players play for the Eagles.

Antonio Gibson, Brian Robinson Jr., and J.D. McKissic are the three commanders. Gibson is undervalued after a relatively quiet second season, and McKissic is a target machine; nevertheless, what can Robinson bring to the table as a first-year player?

Bills (Devin Singletary, James Cook, Zack Moss): Buffalo is all about passing the ball with Josh Allen, but if Cook can make an early impression as a receiving option, this bunch will seem quite balanced. If Cook can make an early impact as a receiving option, the Bills will be in good shape.

Chase Edmonds, Raheem Mostert, Sony Michel, and Myles Gaskin are members of the Dolphins. When do you reach the point when you have an excessive amount of reliable, even if unremarkable, ball carriers?

Bears (David Montgomery, Khalil Herbert, and Darrynton Evans): The top two backs are both starter material, but you have to wonder just how high their ceilings can go with Chicago’s scenario of rebuilding the team from the ground up.

Jaguars (James Robinson, Travis Etienne Jr., and Snoop Conner): Robinson has been a reliable hand, and Etienne allegedly gives off Deebo Samuel vibes, but both guys are coming off of major injuries. Conner, on the other hand, is coming off of a minor injury.

Austin Ekeler, Isaiah Spiller, and Joshua Kelley are the three running backs for the Chargers. Ekeler is an offensive cornerstone for the Chargers due to the significant contributions he makes as a receiver; however, the depth behind him is yet unproven.

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