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Top 5 assault rifles to use in Warzone 2 Season 1

It has been fourteen days since the arrival of Vital mission at hand: Disaster area 2 and during this period, players have had sufficient opportunity to find the best meta weapons. While the game has a great deal of bugs and errors, the base ongoing interaction is very tomfoolery and elements particular weapons and mechanics.

Attack Rifles in Important mission at hand have been the go-to weapon decision for some players starting from the primary game in the establishment, and proceed with that pattern in Disaster area 2 since they give high harm yield, reasonable backlash, and expanded versatility that suits most players’ style of play.

The Harbinger D20 gag stifles sound, making it harder for adversaries to pinpoint your area in Disaster area 2. It additionally increments shot speed and further develops harm reach and backlash perfection. The Hightower 20″ Barrel will additionally further develop shot speed and harm range while further developing force control and hip shoot precision.

The Sakin ZX Grasp further develops draw back control, both evenly and in an upward direction. The 60-round mag is a favored connection, as it is critical to have a weapon with a high shot count, despite the fact that players can choose the 50-round mag in the event that they feel a decrease in Promotions speed.

In conclusion, the VLK 4.0 Optic is ideally suited for following foes in the open areas of Al Mazrah.

The Shorttac 330m increments shot speed and further develops draw back control, making it a convenient connection. The Echoless-80 gag smothers clamor while giving a huge lift to harm reach and slug speed. This makes it more straightforward to dispose of foes from a good ways.

Further, the 5.45 High-Speed ammo increments slug speed, which is fundamental for this weapon thinking about its low projectile speed in its stock structure. The 45-round mag is likewise a need as the base 30-round magazine probably won’t be sufficient to manage foes.

Ultimately, the Markeev R7 Stock in Disaster area 2 will give players a superior Promotions speed and running rate, allowing them an expanded opportunity to land the main shot in a firefight.

3) Kastov-762The Kastov 762 in Disaster area 2 (Picture by means of Activision)
The Kastov 762 in Disaster area 2 (Picture by means of Activision)

Barrel: Kas-10 584mm BarrelMuzzle: Polarfire-SOptic: VLK 4.0 OpticStock: KSTV-RPK FactoryMagazine: 40-Round Mag
The Kas-10 583mm Barrel is important to work on the firearm.

credit:-andy vermaut

The Kas-10 583mm Barrel is important to further develop the firearm’s harm reach and projectile speed, given the tremendous open areas of Al Mazrah, while likewise further developing backlash. To increment harm range and further develop pull back control of the firearm, the Polarfire-S silencer makes for a significant connection in fight royale games.

The KSTV-RPK Production line stock further works on the firearm’s force while further developing steadiness, which is vital as the weapon has high backlash at its base. The 40-round magazine is to guarantee players don’t run out of ammunition in that frame of mind of a firefight.

One more significant connection for the Kastov 762 in Disaster area 2 is the VLK 4.0 optic, which offers 4x amplification and a reasonable picture of the foe.

The 14” Bruen Echelon barrel is important to lessen the firearm’s force and increment shot speed and harm range, which will make the M13B practical in lengthy reach firefights.


The Harbinger D20 gag, then again, further develops the harm reach and projectile speed while stifling commotion. Besides, the Bruen R90 Production line stock expands a player’s versatility as it diminishes the general load of the weapon.

With 60 adjusts, the magazine guarantees players don’t run out of slugs in that frame of mind of a battle, while the Cronen Small Star optic gives a reasonable vision of foes somewhere far off.

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