Top 5 Best NHL Goalies Of All Time

There have been a few extraordinary goaltenders throughout the association’s set of experiences, yet just a small bunch can be viewed as one of the most outstanding NHL goalies of all time. Halting the world’s best objective scorers is an extreme errand, however, the top NHL goaltenders have had it under control on occasion.

Best NHL goalies of all-time :

The hardest work in hockey is being the goalie. At the point when they play well, nothing is said about them, while assuming they play gravely, the fault is coordinated in their direction. An NHL goalie battle for their spot each and every game, as an unpleasant stretch, can prompt a super durable reinforcement job.

5. Ken Dryden :

Ken Dryden just played in the NHL for eight seasons yet is as yet viewed as one of the most amazing NHL goalies of all time. He got done with a lifelong record of 258 successes, 57 misfortunes, and 74 ties. He enjoyed his whole profession with the Montreal Canadiens. Montreal made the playoffs all eight seasons with Dryden, as his 80 playoff wins are the seventh most in association history. Dryden won the Stanley Cup six times, winning four successively from 1976 to 1979.

4. Jacques Plante :

Jacques Plante played in the NHL for 18 seasons with five distinct groups. 11 of those seasons were enjoyed with the Montreal Canadiens. Plante holds the record for most Vezina Prizes with seven. He won six of them with the Canadiens and one with the St. Louis Blues. Plante is a six-time Stanley Cup champion, all of which accompanied Montreal.

3. Patrick Roy :

One of the most mind-blowing NHL goalies of all time, Patrick Roy is close to the highest point of pretty much every goaltender record there is. Roy sits second all-time in wins and playoff shutouts and sits third all-time in games played. He is likewise the most dominating playoff goaltender in NHL history with 151 triumphs.

2. Martin Brodeur :

The most dominating goaltender in NHL history, Martin Brodeur is one of the best and most noteworthy NHL goalies of all time. Brodeur played a record 1266 games in the NHL across 22 seasons. He played all yet seven games with the New Jersey Fallen angels. Brodeur has a lifelong record of 691 successes, 397 misfortunes, 105 ties, and 49 overtime misfortunes. He has the most shutouts of all time and sits second in postseason dominates and matches played.

1. Dominik Hasek :

Dominik Hasek, who was drafted 199th overall in 1983, end up being one of the most outstanding NHL goalies of all time. He plays 16 seasons in the NHL with four distinct groups yet is generally associated with his time with the Bison Sabers and Detroit Red Wings. Hasek won the Vezina Prize six times with the Sabers, which is the second-most all-time. He assumed a key part in Detroit’s 2002 Stanley Cup triumph, as he went on record six shutouts in 23 playoff games that year.

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