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Top 5 Best Places To Catch Pokemon In The U.S

There was a time when most of the cartoon channels on the TV were Pokemon. Not only that, but we also immediately hoped to catch Pokemon. I’m a big fan of Pikachu. So that’s why I thought somewhere if I had Pikachu how much better it would be. Check Top 5 Best Places To Catch Pokemon In The U.S.

I’m not alone, maybe many kids like me would expect that. With the change of time, Pokemon enters the game from the cartoon. And, boom! The game called Pokemon Go takes the whole revolution by storm. Similarly, the turn to catch Pokemon begins here and there.

Top 5 Best Places To Catch Pokemon In The U.S

Through this game, you enter a fantasy world. Which connects the real world with the mobile virtual world. Through this, you get to see virtual Pokemons on the road to reality in our real world. The popularity of this game skyrocketed in the USA.

However, the game combines augmented reality and GPS tracking. However, the game combines augmented reality and GPS tracking. This means you can find Pokemon depending on your location.

Meanwhile, not all the places where you will find lots of Pokemon. If you want to have a lot of Pokemon in your collection, you have to go to some specific places in the USA.

5. big ben, London:

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London is a great place to hunt Pokemon. You will see there are many landmarks in the vicinity. Not only this, but if you are a fan of Jim, then no one can stop you from playing Pokemon Go. Wondering what to do with bodybuilding in the gym to catch Pokemon, right?

There is a relationship. The reason is that there are lots of Pokemon around the gym. But not just the gym, you will find many pokemon stops in London.

4. disenyland:

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You all go see Disney characters at Disneyland. But as soon as I saw the Disney character at Disneyland, I caught lots of Pokemon. If you can’t believe it, open Pokemon Go on your phone then you will believe yourself.

Disneyland offers lots of animations and lots of Pokemon. Because it’s a place where a lot of people can play games. So easily, you get a lot of Pokemon at your fingertips.

3. santa monica pier:

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If you love to keep your own collection of very rare Pokemon then you should come here. But not only rare, but you will also find great Pokemon for your collection. The place is famous for getting many well-known Pokemon.

2. millennium park:

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Park means a lot of people come here to travel. And with the gathering of many people comes the gathering of many Pokemon. Plus you’ll find some well-known sites to explore in Chicago.

This means that at the same time you will travel and increase your collection of Pokemon.

1. pier 39, san Francisco:

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You are surrounded by unique beauty and elegance, in this place in San Francisco. Me, you all know San Francisco is a very beautiful place. Say it in the picture or face to face, when you see the place, it seems that there is boundless peace in your eyes.

However, the place not only gives peace of mind but also gives peace of mind to the Pokemon Go game on your phone. Because you get very good quality Pokemon here.

Since the place is made up of water, you can catch water-type Pokemon. And you also know that water Pokemon are very rare.