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Top 5 F1 games for android



Those passionate about motorsports and racing likely have an interest in Formula 1. There are a lot of different applications and F1 games that may interest you if you’re a fan of the racing series.

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F1 Manager

You will assume all managerial responsibilities for your Formula One team. Compete against other people in one-on-one challenges or championships. You will take on the role of the actual manager of your Formula One team and compete in one-on-one competitions as well as championships. At first, appearance, managing an F1 team could seem to be an easy task. But you will be astonished by how much F1 manager makes it a real deal. You will get a unique team management experience.

F1 2016 game

The official Formula One racing game for 2016 was called F1 2016, and it was launched that year. Players assume the position of a Formula One driver competing in the Championship series. They also have the option of beginning their racing careers with the establishment of their agents, engineers, and teams.

F1 Mobile Racing

This is the perfect F1 game for you to play if you’ve always wanted to feel what it’s like to be a member of a race but never had the chance. This program distinguishes out from others due to its user-friendly interface and advanced visualization capabilities.

Formula Unlimited Racing

The racing video game Formula Unlimited Racing is just fantastic. It offers players images of high quality, but the gameplay is difficult to understand. You need to make a significant effort to go in front of the other competitors and win the race. Go to the “Car Settings” area of the menu if you wish to improve your vehicle.

Formula Racing 2018

Aristokraken is the publisher and creator of the racing video game Formula Racing 2018. It is available for downloaded on Google Play. This F1 game allows players to experience driving from both the first-person and the third-person point of view, and it includes many different racing courses.