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Top 5 fastest Pegassi vehicles in GTA Online in 2022

Pegassi is one of the most popular manufacturers in GTA Online, so it begs the question: What are the fastest Pegassi vehicles? Check Top 5 fastest Pegassi vehicles in GTA Online in 2022.

It’s a luxury brand in the context of GTA Online, with some vehicles being omnipresent in lobbies. Top speed isn’t everything, but it is essential when a player wants to go from one area to another as quickly as possible.

Top speed is a different stat from acceleration. It’s also worth noting that this article uses the top speeds provided by Broughy1322, whose measurements are more accurate than what the game displays to players.

Check out the top 5 fastest vehicles in the GTA.

5 Fastest Pegassi Vehicles in GTA Online 2022

5. Toros

Not only is the Toros the fifth-fastest Pegassi vehicle in GTA Online, but it’s also the fastest SUV in the game. It was introduced in the Arena War update, costing $498,000.

The Toros being ranked fifth in terms of overall top speed means that it’s faster than several faster-looking cars, such as the Tesseract, Ignus, and Zorro. Its top speed is 127.50 mph in GTA Online.

Top 5 fastest Pegassi vehicles in GTA Online in 2022

4. Oppressor Mk II

The most infamous vehicle in GTA Online is also the fourth-fastest Pegassi vehicle in the game, with a top speed of 127.75 mph. Its ability to fly grants it far better mobility than every other option on this list, although it isn’t the only weaponized vehicle on this list.

If one discounts Trade Prices, it’s the most expensive option on this list, costing $3,890,250. Fortunately, its Trade Price lowers it to a more manageable $2,925,000.

Its booster helps it reach this top speed easily, making it one of the best accelerating Pegassi vehicles as well.

Top 5 fastest Pegassi vehicles in GTA Online in 2022

3. Bati 801/801RR

Technically speaking, these are two separate motorcycles. However, they have identical stats and near-identical names. The only major difference of note is that the Bati 801RR has a different livery than the Bati 801.

Regardless of that minor difference, both motorcycles cost $15,000. This insanely low price has made it popular among beginners in GTA Online. It also helps that both motorcycles go up to 135 mph, making them some of the fastest land-based vehicles.

This impressive top speed makes both motorcycles the third-fastest Pegassi vehicles in GTA Online.

Top 5 fastest Pegassi vehicles in GTA Online in 2022

2. Toreador

A vehicle like the Toreador doesn’t come around often in GTA Online. It’s the second-fastest Pegassi vehicle with an impressive top speed of 135.25 mph, as well as the second weaponized vehicle on this list.

The Pegassi Toreador is the most expensive Pegassi Vehicle overall if one considers Trade Prices. It doesn’t have a Trade Price, meaning that players must pay $3,660,000 to own it.

Still, it’s a weaponized vehicle that can go underwater. Its booster makes it hit this top speed quickly while also allowing it to “fly,” giving it more mobility than most land-based vehicles.

Top 5 fastest Pegassi vehicles in GTA Online in 2022

1. Oppressor

The Pegassi Oppressor is not nearly as notorious as its Mk II counterpart, but it is faster, with a top speed of 140 mph. Thus, the Oppressor is the most rapid Pegassi vehicle by a notable margin. It’s also the second-fastest motorcycle overall and has some weapons at its disposal.

The original Oppressor is a little bit cheaper than its Mk II variant, as it usually costs $3,524,500; its Trade Price lowers it to $2,650,000 in GTA Online. It also has a booster like the Oppressor Mk II, allowing it to easily reach these impressive top speeds.

Top 5 fastest Pegassi vehicles in GTA Online in 2022

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