Top five female wrestlers looked like when they made their debut in WWE vs 2023

WWE is full of superstars who have been with the company for a long time. Even many of the company’s female superstars have been around for a long time and have undergone numerous character and gimmick transformations.

The alterations have necessitated a shift in the superstars’ on-screen appearance and demeanor. In addition, many of these wrestlers have developed over time and now have very different looks from when they were younger.

When fans post pictures of superstars during their early careers, many of them are hard to recognize. This demonstrates how much work goes into perfecting each superstar’s trick before they can rise to prominence.

Having said that, take a look at the five female WWE Superstars who appeared very different from when they first appeared in 2023.

#5. Natalya has been with WWE starting around 2007

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Natalya comes from a renowned wrestling family. She is a wrestler in her third generation and is the daughter of wrestler Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and his wife Elizabeth “Ellie” Hart.
Natalya started working for WWE in 2007 and has been there ever since. In 2008, she made her heel debut, and ever since then, she hasn’t looked back. She had a very different appearance when The Queen of Harts made her debut.

She wore a very different outfit at the time and had hair that was a shade of mahogany. She mostly worked with other superstars like Victoria, Tyson Kidd, and Beth Phoenix, and her fighting style was also a little different at that time.

#4. WWE discovered Liv Morgan in 2014

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Liv Morgan has numerous fans have joined the Liv Morgan bandwagon. The superstar has worked for the company for nearly a decade, which is surprising.
Morgan has been around for a while and has changed a few things about himself. Liv’s casual street style won her over with the NXT Universe early in her career.

She wore a cap to the ring and had blonde hair at the time. Additionally, the former SmackDown Women’s Champion wore very little makeup at the time. After a few years of working with The Riott Squad, her stock started to rise.

Her “blue tongue” helped Riott gain even more attention when she began coloring her hair in various light shades. In 2019 and 2020, she underwent a character transformation that resulted in her revealing herself with a more serious attitude and a darker outfit.

#3. Lita has been with the company for more than two decades

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Lita has been one of the most well-known wrestlers for a considerable amount of time. She joined WWE in 1999 and made her debut in 2000 alongside Essa Rios. Lita has been an outstanding performer in the ring and learned many of the moves she uses today from Rios.

Lita stood out from other female superstars of her time by debuting in casual outfits that included jeans and bright-colored crop tops during her early days working for the company.
She joined Team Xtreme later and wore the same clothes as Matt and Jeff Hardy. The trio became icons in the wrestling industry, and Lita’s tomboyish demeanor and appearance began to attract admiration from fans.

Over the past few years, The Queen of Extreme has drastically altered her appearance, now sporting attire in darker hues. Fans can see a monstrous change in her look contrasted with a long time back when she originally showed up on TV.

#2. Rhea Ripley made her WWE debut in 2017

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When Rhea Ripley made her WWE debut in 2017, she looked very different. Rhea Ripley entered WWE when she was 21 years old. When she made her debut in the inaugural Mae Young Classic, fans saw her for the first time.

Ripley was big and strong at the time, but her bright clothes gave the impression that she was a big babyface. Additionally, Ripley was one of the tournament’s sweethearts and had long blonde hair at the time.
Six years later, many fans are still taken aback and impressed by The Nightmare’s transformation in appearance. She has proven herself repeatedly and is one of the most deadly women in the business today.

#1. Becky Lynch transformation

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Since her WWE debut, Becky Lynch has undergone a significant transformation. Today, she is arguably the face of the WWE women’s division. She continues to demonstrate why she is deserving of every screen opportunity she receives after exerting a lot of effort to reach the summit.

Lynch did not have as much success as she does today when she makes her debut. She was more of an enhancement talent at the time, hoping to advance in the ranks.
Early on in her NXT career, the Irish Lass wore colorful wrestling gear that was similar to that of many other female superstars. She also had darker red hair, and her appearance on screen was nothing special.

Lynch was promoted to the main roster after undergoing a gimmick change. She became one of the best women in the business as a result of the gimmick, which helped her win the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

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