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Tormenta FC and the 2-2 Draw against Forward Madison FC



In a performance that was both aggressive and dominating, South Georgia Tormenta FC pushed Forward Madison FC to a draw at home. The final score was 2-2. Jake Dengler, a defender for South Georgia, scored the team’s first home goal of the season early in the first half. Kingsford Adjei scored the team’s second home goal of the season. It was during a particularly excruciating stretch of the second half.

In the thirteenth minute, South Georgia started things off by placing the team’s first corner kick into the danger zone to find a goal-scoring opportunity there. Jake Dengler, who was positioned very well, demonstrated why he is a threat in aerial situations by directing a header into the bottom left corner of the net. It was Dengler’s first goal for Tormenta FC in USL League One. And it was his second goal for the club overall in all competitions. The expansion team held the lead for a good portion of the first half and midway through the second.

Goal in the match
Image Credits: Dirty South Soccer

The events that took place at Erk Russell Park

Even though the opportunity was the only shot on target for both teams in the first half, South Georgia was able to maintain majority possession of the ball and limit opportunities for the visiting Madison side. The goal smoke finally saw the light of day at Erk Russell Park after five scoreless home games for South Georgia.

The will of South Georgia’s home team to salvage a point was the driving force behind Tormenta FC’s equalizer. During the 86th minute of play, Kingford Adjei made a run into the middle of the field. Then, he sent the ball to the other side of the goalkeeper’s net. This gave Adjei the equalizer, which was also his third goal of the season.

Although it was a draw, not losing has filled the hearts of fans with joy. The team has been training every day so that they can clinch at least a point in every game. The players were motivated to do their best and has become confident with each passing day.

The attention of Tormenta FC is now shifting to the USL League One champions, Union Omaha. They will be playing in Statesboro for the second time in 2022 on Saturday, June 25, at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time at Erk Russell Park.