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Trek to Yomi Release Date, Game Pass, Pre-order Details, Review all you need to know

Trek to Yomi is an upcoming cyclone action game. Which was developed by Flying World and published by Digital Developer. The game is a supernatural samurai game. And it is based on the environment of Japan. If you like to wield the sword like a samurai, you must play it. Check Trek to Yomi Release Date.

If you love a little mythical Japan era then this game is for you. Because it is set during the Edo period. In the game, you will play the character of a young warrior. Not only that, you will find and kill all the people who have destroyed your village. Fans get ready to play the game as a samurai.

Trek to Yomi Release Date, Game Pass, Pre-order Details, Review all you need to know

Trek to Yomi Release Date
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Your entry in the game will be like a hero. He protects his city and its people against any threats. You will transcend life and death as a Hiroki to deal with yourself and determine the way forward.

Meanwhile, trek to Yomi is one of the most anticipated games of this year. For this purpose, you will play with the bloody sword. And your journey will last forever.

Release Date:

This Xbox game will be released on 5th May 2022. You’ll find the game on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S platforms.

Game Pass:

The game has a new gameplay trailer. By which we are sure that the game will be in the Xbox game pass. Those who have already subscribed to the curated library should not worry at all. Because you get your hands on Trek to Yomi when it launches.

Pre Order:

You don’t have to do much to pre-order. You go to the Xbox or PlayStation Store. Where you will see this game and next to it you will also see the pre-order written section.

And here comes the greatest good news. You can purchase the game at a ten percent discount. Earlier the price of the game was 1099.00 rupees. But now you can pre-order the game at a ten percent discount of 989.10 rupees.


The game is fairly good overall. Here the protagonist speaks of fighting with honor. The best thing I like is the cinematography. Whether it’s a battle scene or an emotional scene, the scenes that zoom in and out are beautiful.

And somewhere it gives an aesthetic look. Such a battle scene took place on the bridge and the camera immediately turned to show the whole bridge and the enemies on it. Such moments are called the Kurosawa effect. Exciting enough to watch the game. But unfortunately, there is not much excitement in playing.

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