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Troy Aikman explained why he believes Odell Beckham Jr. would be a good addition to Dallas’ roster and that he would bet “virtually everything” on their acquisition.

Troy Aikman, a former Cowboys quarterback and broadcaster of Monday Night Football, recently appeared on Sportsradio 96.7 FM/1310 The Ticket [KTCK-AM] with the Musers to talk about Dallas’ upcoming matchup with the Indianapolis Colts and his thoughts on the team’s chances of signing free agent WR Odell Beckham Jr.They played the Eagles closely and beat the Chiefs, so almost anything could happen, right?

Troy Aikman says:

True; you never know.Those games have been seen.When Chicago beat New England earlier this year, it was one of those games in which I thought Chicago had no chance at all, but Chicago pulled it off.

There have been other games this season; the way these games have been this year has been kind of crazy, and I think we tend to say that maybe every year.

There’s simply a ton of examples that we’ve seen over the new years that haven’t held up, scoring has been down, a great deal of low-scoring games.Running totals, a lot of very good teams that have struggled with quarterbacks we expected to be much better than they are.

It has simply been one of those seasons.Stranger things have transpired, and neither I nor anyone else would have anticipated Indianapolis to be able to enter and defeat Dallas.

Aikman said:

I believe it occurs.I would wager practically everything I own on it if I were betting.When I travel across the country to attend a variety of games, I am frequently asked questions about the Cowboys.

Returning to my playing days since I resigned, I don’t remember a player that Jerry needed to land that he has neglected to get marked.

“When I said it, about three weeks ago, I was at an event in Atlanta and a man started heckling me from the back of the room. I said, “Hey, I want to get your information because I’m gonna call you when it happens.”I believe it will occur without a doubt.

Aikman said:

Why wouldn’t you?I know Odell Beckham well enough to just say hello and visit with him if you’re someone I don’t know.

Dallas, of course, fulfills that requirement if you have an opportunity to go to a team that is currently a contender and has a chance to win it all out of all the league’s teams.

And, of course, a few other teams, but beyond that, none of the other teams really compare to him in terms of what matters most to him.


“On paper, it makes them much better, and I know that the players all talked about how great he was as a teammate when he was in New York. When Cleveland joined the team last year, they said the same thing in Los Angeles. I cannot comment on Cleveland.

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