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Under the guise of purchasing land, an ex-manager defrauded Umesh Yadav of Rs 44 lakh

Umesh Yadav was deceived by a friend who has since become a manager. Under the guise of purchasing land, the cricketer has been robbed of Rs 44 lakh.

According to a statement released by the Maharashtra police on Saturday. Ace Indian pacer Umesh Yadav has allegedly been defrauded Rs 44 lakh. By a friend who has since become a manager.

The alleged scheme involved the friend purchasing a plot in the former’s name in the city of Nagpur. According to a police official, a case has been filed. Against Shailesh Thakre for defrauding a Nagpur resident’s complaint. Thakre, a Koradi resident and Yadav’s friend, is 37 years old.

No arrests have been made as of yet. According to the official, citing the First Information Report (FIR), Yadav appointed his friend Thakre as his manager on July 15, 2014. Following his selection to the Indian cricket team. There were unemployed at the time.

“Over time, Thakre earned Yadav’s trust. He began managing Umesh Yadav’s entire financial affairs. According to him, “He used to be in charge of Yadav’s bank account, income tax, and other financial responsibilities.”

The official informed Thakre that Yadav had inquired about purchasing land in Nagpur.
“In a desolate region, Thakre discovered a plot. He said he would buy it for Rs 44 lakh from Yadav.

Yadav funded Thakre’s bank account with Rs 44 lakh. But Thakre bought the plot under his name,” he said.

Yadav asked Thakre to transfer the plot in his name after learning of the fraud. But Thakre refused. According to the official, he also refused to return the money.

The official continued, “Yadav filed a complaint with the police in Koradi, which resulted in the registration of a case under sections 406 (Punishment for criminal breach of trust) and 420(Cheating property and thereby causing dishonest delivery) of the Indian Penal Code.”

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