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Venue list of Road Safety World Series 2022



The second edition of the Road Safety world series is scheduled to begin in June 2022. A total of six teams will take part in the RSWS 2022. The final RSWS Schedule will be announced shortly. In the inaugural event, India Legends and Sri Lanka Legends played in the final, and India Legends won that tournament. Check Venue list of Road Safety World Series 2022.

Every year India causes the death of a significant European country on its roads. In India, one person is killed every 4 minutes. In every hundred deaths across the globe, thirty are Indians.

Why is it important to be safe on the road?

It’s even more alarming that, according to the World Research Institute, by 2020. The number of deaths in accidents on the road each year could reach 2.2 million, and 50 percent of them will be Indians.

Each year, more than 150000 people die. And more than 450000 are injured in the country due to road accidents.

Venue list of Road Safety World Series 2022
Source Image Website / Venue list of Road Safety World Series 2022

Road Safety World Series 2022 Teams

Eight teams will be competing at this year’s Road Safety World Series 2022 with New Zealand Legends being the most recent addition to the tournament:

  • India Legends
  • South Africa Legends
  • West Indies Legends
  • Australia Legends
  • England Legends
  • Sri Lanka Legends
  • Bangladesh Legends
  • New Zealand Legends

 Road Safety World Series 2022 Schedule

DateTime Team 1Team 2Venue
4-Jun-227:00 PM India LegendsSouth Africa LegendsJodhpur
5-Jun-227:00 PM Bangladesh LegendsSri Lanka LegendsIndore
6-Jun-227:00 PM Australia LegendsWest Indies LegendsLucknow
7-Jun-227:00 PM New Zealand LegendsEngland LegendsJodhpur
8-Jun-227:00 PM India LegendsBangladesh LegendsIndore
9-Jun-227:00 PM West Indies LegendsSouth Africa LegendsLucknow
10-Jun-227:00 PM England LegendsSri Lanka LegendsJodhpur
11-Jun-227:00 PM Australia LegendsNew Zealand LegendsIndore
12-Jun-227:00 PM India LegendsWest Indies LegendsLucknow
13-Jun-227:00 PM Bangladesh LegendsEngland LegendsJodhpur
14-Jun-227:00 PM New Zealand LegendsSouth Africa LegendsIndore
15-Jun-227:00 PM Australia LegendsSri Lanka LegendsLucknow
16-Jun-227:00 PM England LegendsIndia LegendsJodhpur
17-Jun-227:00 PM West Indies LegendsNew Zealand LegendsIndore
18-Jun-227:00 PM Australia LegendsBangladesh LegendsLucknow
19-Jun-227:00 PM South Africa LegendsSri Lanka LegendsJodhpur
20-Jun-227:00 PM India LegendsNew Zealand LegendsIndore
21-Jun-227:00 PM Australia LegendsEngland LegendsLucknow
22-Jun-227:00 PM Sri Lanka LegendsWest Indies LegendsJodhpur
23-Jun-227:00 PM Bangladesh LegendsSouth Africa LegendsIndore
24-Jun-227:00 PM Australia LegendsIndia LegendsLucknow
25-Jun-227:00 PM New Zealand LegendsSri Lanka LegendsJodhpur
26-Jun-227:00 PM England LegendsSouth Africa LegendsIndore
27-Jun-227:00 PM Bangladesh LegendsWest Indies LegendsLucknow
28-Jun-227:00 PM India LegendsSri Lanka LegendsJodhpur
29-Jun-227:00 PM Australia LegendsSouth Africa LegendsIndore
30-Jun-227:00 PM New Zealand LegendsBangladesh LegendsLucknow
30-Jun-227:00 PM England LegendsWest Indies LegendsJodhpur
1-Jul-227:00 PM Semifinal 1Indore
2-Jul-227:00 PM Semifinal 2Lucknow
3-Jul-227:00 PM FinalLucknow