Vincent Kompany speaks with Sky Sports about Manchester United’s victory over Burnley and League One Charlton’s shocking victory over Brighton at the Valley

Manchester United’s victory succeeded. We did not lie down. We were forceful, on the front foot, and made a few great possibilities.

Because we are in the Championship, chances will come our way.

The most important thing is that we look forward to our next game at Birmingham.

We are at a point where we try to improve the players who sign with us.

Therefore, you hit a target five times out of ten times. You have to hit it nine times out of ten to be at United.

Then you try to make it six, seven, and eight over time, and usually they move on. [wry grin] Okay, we’re fine.

We are currently focused on three extremely significant Championship games.

Erik ten Witch addresses Sky

We faced a strong team. They played the ball well. It’s hard to get a press release, but we did it.

We had a lot of transition points and high ball regains. We need to work on it; however, I am pleased with the victory.

There is room for improvement. Yes, the players are very hungry.

It was wonderful to see a team goal that was really good. Rashford was a steady danger.

When he dribbles, his speed and movement make him extremely dangerous.

We must be prepared for the return of the Premier League. Every game is important to us.

He also answers questions without hesitation about Jadon Sancho and the ownership dispute.

Fifa is more than just a game in Qatar.

Qatar’s Reality Cup is a celebration that couple of need to celebrate.

Despite how exciting the action was on the field, the tournament’s stench of corruption, violations of human rights, and homophobia was hard to ignore.

The beautiful game is adored by the Guardian.

Be that as it may, we will not overlook its indecencies.

Therefore, if you are interested in what transpires on the field but are concerned about what transpires off it.

It is time to back an independent news organization that not only covers the game but also the humiliation and publishes all of its reporting for free all over the world, including in India.

Marcus Rashford talks to Sky about the match. It feels good to return.

It was a difficult game, but it was good to win and advance to the next round.

I was almost waiting for the right moment to get a pass off because there was room in front of me.

I tried to take advantage of a gap that then appeared.

Being eliminated from the World Cup was such a bittersweet experience, and you have to make an effort to regain your composure.

This is not the time to be sorry for yourself. It only matters to achieve results.

We must recover and attempt to replicate this at the subsequent game.

The guys liked being back out there because it was fun. We compete in each tournament to win it.

This trophy in February, early in the season, can really motivate you to continue and accomplish more. Therefore, we will make every effort.”

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