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Virat Kohli became the most popular player in June 2022 know where is MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma

As we know from the last few years former captain Virat Kohli is not in the form now he is getting few chances in the series.

Right now India is playing a series against West Indies where Virat Kohli and other players get rest so that he can get back in the team before the world cup.

Former Indian captain and batting maestro Virat Kohli is undoubtedly one of the most admired players globally.

Despite going through a bad phase in his career and giving up captaincy from all forms of the game, he remains India’s most popular and favorite cricketer.

Virat Kohli

He once again remains at the top of the list of most famous players of June 2022.

After leading the first month of 2022, Virat continues to top the list of most famous players in June as well.

Virat Kohli may be going through the poor form at present, but there has been no decline in his stature.

Virat Kohli is widely regarded as one of the deadliest and most talented players of this era whose craze among their fans is amazing.

No matter when he will get in form but now he remains India’s most reliable player in June 2022.

Instagram is the main reason for Virat Kohli’s fame

Kohli charges around Rs 8.70 crore for a sponsored post on Instagram and has become the highest-paid Asian celebrity from a single post.

Recently hopperhq released Instagram Rich List for the year 2022. Virat’s name is number four on this list.

Along with this, would like to tell your information that Virat Kohli is also the highest-earning player on Instagram.

The craze of this veteran inside and outside the field is amazing, Virat is followed by more than 200 million people on Insta itself.

While Kohli is leading, the legendary captain MS Dhoni is second in the list and Rohit Sharma, who became the captain of Team India after Kohli, occupies the 5th position in this list.

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