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Watch: Mikael Ymer is disqualified from the Lyon Open after hitting a racket on the chair of the umpire

The incident occurred during the match between Mikael Ymer and Arthur Fils of France at the Lyon Open.

On Wednesday, a row over a line call led Sweden’s Mikael Ymer to smash his racket on the chair of the umpire, causing a bizarre scene for tennis fans all over the world.

The incident occurred during Ymer’s match against Arthur Fils of France at the Lyon Open.

Consequently, Ymer was eliminated from the ATP 250 semifinals. The 53rd-ranked player got into a fight with the referee.

Claiming that he didn’t get up to see if the ball bounced inside the line, costing the Swede a point. The ball was said to be bouncing inside the line by the umpire.

“Why don’t you check the mark? Are you implying to me that you are not even going to check the mark? I’ve never seen a ref says, ‘I won’t go down and really look at the imprint.’ It doesn’t work out,” said Ymer.

After a brief argument, Ymer continued the match. But when the first set ended 6-5 in favor of Fils, the Swede lost his composure and threw the handle of his racket onto the chair of the umpire.

The whole matter was examined by the umpires and the authorities. A choice was taken that Ymer has been excluded from the Lyon Open.

Because of this outcome, Fils entered the quarter-finals of the competition and will be going toward Felix Drill Aliassime.

mer was quoted as saying on camera, “Are you telling me you’re not even going to come down and check the mark?

“A few moments earlier when the umpire Santos did not get out of his chair to take a closer look at the ball mark on the clay. You clearly saw that it bounced on the line.

I’ve never seen a referee. to say, “I’m going to check the markdown.” It doesn’t work out”, the Swede further thought.

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