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“We missed the mark”: Weapons store’s Arteta sad after Manchester City holds Chief Association title

Mikel Arteta, manager of Arsenal, was kind enough to congratulate Manchester City on their victory over them in Saturday’s Premier League.

Munitions stockpile chief Mikel Arteta benevolently praised Manchester City for winning the Head Association on Saturday.

However, there was no disguising his misery after his group had driven the race for such a long time yet lost structure in the critical spat.

Two months ago, Arsenal led by eight points, but they only won two of their last eight games, losing to Nottingham Forest to hand the title to Pep Guardiola’s unstoppable team.

“It’s a truly miserable day. After losing by one goal at the City Ground, Arteta admitted to reporters that “we fell short.”

“I wish Man City well. They are the bosses, they had the right to win. I am sorry because we created the impression that we could accomplish it, but we were unable to, and that is my fault.

“We ought to have played much better today. We gave them an objective. At the point when you come to April and May.

You want 24 players playing at their best, ready for anything, and all set, and for the overwhelming majority of reasons we have not had that.”

However, Arteta, who previously worked under Guardiola at City, has experienced a remarkable upturn in form for Arsenal, which currently sits in a comfortable second place in the most difficult league in the world.

This season, they dominated the standings for 248 days, more than any other team that hasn’t won the Premier League since that time.

“We have learned immense examples. The icing on the cake would be to win a championship, but we were unable to do so. We have transformed a lot at this club and made significant progress.

It is still early and in its infancy, according to Arteta, to talk about the season’s objectives. I only feel sorry today,” he continued.

We had to come up with a plan and offer that group everything we had. In the end, it was insufficient. I realize we are not at that degree (of Manchester City), but rather we need to track down a way…

We need to track down alternate ways of getting it done. For instance, we ought to have played much better today… We must push.

“We are yet to win. I’d like to win. I enjoy victories. And it hurts when you don’t get there. We have yielded a great deal of objectives, you can’t support that and win this association.

“We must now heal. It hurts terribly. We have a difficult week ahead of us, so I need to find a way to motivate the players.”

Aaron Ramsdale, the goalkeeper, struck a positive note for the future despite his players sharing the pain.

“It’s a disheartening end. We only have one more game, so we need to make the fans happy again.

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