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What are the 17 rules of football?


The soccer rules are referred to as “the “Laws of the Game” and are reviewed. They are released by FIFA who is the world’s governing body for soccer. Youth clubs usually alter the rules to suit the needs of children. For example, field sizes or ball sizes, the length of games, and practices differ depending on age. For instance, the FIFA guidelines do not call for separate teams for boys and girls. But, some associations and soccer teams do have different leagues for girls and boys. Check The 17 Rules Of Football.



As a referee, it is essential to be aware of the laws of football. IFAB has published updated versions of its Laws of the Game for 2021-2022. Some tournaments could still apply 2020-2021 because they will not change them throughout the season. You can locate different versions below.

The 17 Rules Of Football
The 17 Rules Of Football

Original Sheffield rules of football

Do you know the sum of money the first regulations of the game offered for sale? The record-breaking figure was $881250. Go to a previous blog post for an image of the first rule book and the exact rules in 1858.

Are you interested in understanding what football was like back in that time? The former Premier League referee officiated a youth match using the rules in place at the time. A hilarious story that involved the referee wearing high-hat.

Laws of the Game

IFAB recognizes at present 17 soccer laws which are the norm for any international or professional game played. These are:

The Football Laws include 17 in the book.

1: The Field of Play

2: The Ball

3: The Number of Players

4: The Players’ Equipment

5: The Referee

6: The Assistant Referees

7: The Duration of the Match

8. Law: the beginning and end of the play

9: Balls into and out

10: Method of Scoring Law

11: Offside

12: Fouls and Misconduct

13 Frei kicks (direct as well as indirect)

14: The Penalty Kick

15: The Throw-in

16: The Goal Kick

17: Corner kick

Make use of common sense.

This is about common sense. A person who is referred to may have vast knowledge and understanding of the laws. But, applying them is a need” This is the way Hugh Dallas, for Scottish international referee and a current participant in the Uefa Referees Committee, defines.

17 essential elements define soccer’s rules. The playing field, ball, and the number of players and Equipment of the Player, Referee, Assistant Referee, and the duration of the match. The start and end of the play. As well as Ball In and Out of Play Scoring, Offside Conduct and Fouls, Free kicks, penalty kicks, Goal Kick, Throw-In, and the Corner Kick.

What are the penalties for football players who touch?

There are a variety of reasons to consider an illegal touch penalty or a 5-yard offense is:

1.  The forward throw can be intercepted by an unreadable receiver, like the offensive lineman.

2.  When a forward pass is caught that is intercepted, the receiver gets out of bounds and fails to get back into bounds before receiving the pass.

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