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What Does NC Mean In Golf?

When a golfer is disqualified from a competition, they will receive an “NC,” which stands for “No Card.” This means that the player did not submit their scorecard for the round. But it is not easy to understand what NC mean in golf in the true sense!In order to avoid receiving an NC.

golfers should always check with officials before leaving the course and inform them if they are unable to play the full 18 holes. NC means No Card – this is a penalty or infraction that is applied by the Tournament Committee when a participant fails to turn in a scorecard.

Credit:- PGA Tour

If you do not submit a scorecard, it results in disqualification from the competition.In addition to disqualifications, there are other reasons why a golfer might receive an NC. If they have too many penalty strokes added to their score (more than two), or if their scorecard is deemed invalid by officials, they will be given an NC as well.

The term NC is also used in other popular sports, such as volleyball and tennis, where it has the same meaning as in golf; to disqualify someone from playing due to untimely submission of the scorecard.

There are three types of disqualifications in golf:

  • The first one is known as procedural disqualification, which is given when a player breaks one or more rules without knowing it before making a stroke (i.e., violating rules while putting the ball).
  • The second type is known as a disqualification for breach of rules which occurs when a player intentionally breaks one or more rules during play.
  • The third type of penalty is called disqualification for illegal action by the player or caddie, which occurs when they commit an act that violates the rules of golf. For example, if a golfer tampers with his ball after it has been addressed in play, he will incur a penalty of two strokes and be disqualified from the hole.

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