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What is the FIFA Foundation?

What is the FIFA Foundation?

What is the FIFA Foundation? The FIFA Foundation was created in 2018 as an autonomous entity with the objective of leveraging the good power of football to enhance lives.

Central to the FIFA Foundation’s efforts include solving social issues impacting young people, empowering women and girls to play football and fulfill their full potential, rehabilitating damaged or destroyed sports infrastructure, supporting education through football, and leveraging some of the beautiful game’s most recognized icons to reach out to millions of people globally with good messages for a more inclusive world.

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Naturally, social responsibility is entrenched in the work of the FIFA Foundation which has established the following projects to promote this:

– Foundation Community Programme

– Recovery Programme

– FIFA Legends Programme

– Football for Schools Programme

– Campus Programme

– Refugee Programme

– Employee Volunteer Programme

Using the unique power of football in the post-COVID-19 world, the FIFA Foundation will promote and support mental health awareness, empower and inspire people to use football for healthy minds and bodies, and most importantly, instill a sense of healing and unity via football.

FIFA Foundation Programmes

Organizations that use football as a tool for social change and improvement in the lives of those in need are supported by the Foundation Community Program (FCP). Football can be used as a method to address social issues impacting young people, such as education, health, peacebuilding, refugees, leadership, and gender equality, once a year by the FIFA Foundation.

Foundation Community Programme

Recovery Programme

Recovering communities affected by natural disasters or unforeseen events can rely on the Recovery Program for solidarity and emergency funds that can be utilized to repair or rebuild sports facilities.

FIFA Legends Programme

This program brings together former elite players and coaches from both men’s and women’s football to promote and support the game’s objective worldwide. It is through their support and commitment to the FIFA Foundation’s programs that the FIFA Foundation Ambassadors give back to the sport of football.

Football for Schools

An educational program called Football for Schools uses the beautiful game of football to teach students about key life skills and positive values in a fun and engaging way (4-7, 8-11, and 12-14 years). Some of the social challenges that young people today face, such as bullying, school attendance, and leading an active and healthy lifestyle, will be addressed as well.

Fifteen million footballs will be distributed to schools across all 211 FIFA member associations as part of the Football for Schools initiative (MAs). The effort, which aims to make football more accessible to both boys and girls around the world, is expected to help 700 million youngsters. In Lebanon and Puerto Rico, the Football for Schools program has already begun with pilot operations. As soon as global health conditions improve enough, the program will be fully implemented on a large scale.

Campus Programme

While their peers are away at school, the Campus Program provides girls and boys from low-income communities with a safe haven where they may practice their football skills and grow as individuals and members of their communities. As of the beginning of May 2021, it has been implemented in Armenia as well as in other MAs around the world.

Refugee Programme

We’re now working on a programme to help migrants get involved in local soccer leagues and improve the soccer infrastructure in their new communities. Football will be used to foster social participation and cohesiveness as part of the initiative, which will also assist refugees in their efforts to start over.

Employee Volunteer Programme

The Employee Volunteer Program allows FIFA employees to use a portion of their annual leave to volunteer for charitable organizations supported by the Foundation Community Program.

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