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What number of triumph chances did Hamilton have in his first winless F1 season?

Last weekend Lewis Hamilton finished a Recipe 1 season without coming out on top in a race without precedent for his profession.

Anyway his Mercedes group won during 2022, and his chief opponent Max Verstappen accepts Hamilton botched a single an open door to win this season.
At the initial race in Bahrain, Hamilton’s Mercedes lost more than a second for every lap to the race-driving Ferrari and Red Bull. It was clear the W13 won’t come out on top in races any time soon.

However, by the mid-point of the time the group were beginning to lead grands prix, and on an end of the week where the track and conditions fit them, and the powers of fortune and fate lined up in support of themselves, triumphs at long last begun to appear to be conceivable.

So what number of opportunities to come out on top in a race did Hamilton have before the finish of the time? Furthermore, what number of those could he reasonably have changed over?

A late Security Vehicle period put Hamilton in the chase after triumph at home
It took until the tenth race of the time for Hamilton to at long last lead a lap in 2022. Fittingly, this came on home ground at Silverstone.

At the point when Verstappen exited conflict for triumph subsequent to striking trash, it appeared Charles Leclerc was on course to win. Yet, a Wellbeing Vehicle period was his demise: while the Ferrari remained out on worn elastic, Hamilton and others quickly jumping all over the opportunity to fit new delicate tires.

Everything started off at the restart, where Hamilton momentarily passed Leclerc and Sergio Perez in a dazzling move at Club. In any case, Carlos Sainz Jnr was at that point while heading to triumph by then, at that point, and Hamilton, who stowed third, never truly seemed to be beating him.

Hungarian Stupendous Prix
Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Hungaroring, 2022
After a DRS shortcoming in qualifying, Hamilton hustled to second in Hungary
Mercedes in the long run found they had the option to make the W13 function admirably on high-downforce circuits. This looked good for the Hungaroring, consistently a solid scene for Hamilton.

The cards appeared to fall in support of themselves in qualifying when Verstappen lightened his previously run in Q3, then, at that point, experienced a power unit issue. However, Hamilton, who just had involved tires for his previously run, experienced a DRS issue on the second, and surrendered the lap when he could have bettered his inevitable seventh on the matrix by proceeding. Colleague George Russell, in the interim, gave Mercedes their most memorable post position of the time.

In the race Hamilton was adequately speedy to catch and pass his colleague to complete second. Be that as it may, Verstappen, who began three spots behind Hamilton, advanced beyond both while heading to triumph. Had Hamilton begun nearer to the front somehow, he would have had a superior opportunity of out-running Verstappen, who lost time with a twist, however it was a long way from a specific success lost.

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