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What Should You Know About Opetaia Vs Briedis?

What Should You Know About Opetaia Vs Briedis?

What Should You Know About Opetaia Vs Briedis? Jai Opetaia, a famous Australian boxer has his chance to fight against the Mairis Briedis. The competitive game will be for the IBF cruiserweight title in July. As of now, Opetaia remains undefeated in 21 professional fights. On the other hand, Briedis is going to face the biggest challenge to date. 

When is Opetaia vs. Briedis game scheduled? 

Both teams were about to face each other on April 6, but that was postponed because of the COVID-19 outbreak. The British caught the infection back and the flu post recovered from the Coronavirus. 

Further, the agreement was rescheduled to May 11, Wednesday. But, this time, Opetaia faced a severe rib injury during training sessions. 

Now, since both players seem fit to face each other, the new announced date is July 2. Opetaia had also played for a three-round stoppage of Daniel Russell last December. However, the upcoming game is going to be a long game for Briedis as he had just faced Artur Mann in three rounds. 

When will Opetaia vs. Briedis begin?

The path to the fight will begin at 5:30 PM with initial sessions followed by the first bout broadcast at 6 PM. The game is all set to broadcast on Fox Sports. 

The main event of the game will be at 7 pm. The actual game between Opetaia and Briedis is likely to begin around 10:30 PM. However, the final timeline will be dependent on the previous bout length. 

How can you watch Opetaia Vs Briedis?

The fight between Opetaia vs. Briedis will be available for broadcasting on Foxtel’s Pay-per-view service. You can purchase the main event at $59.95 pay per view. Fans can also get to view the game on Fox Sports (503) at 6 PM. 

The game is also available for live streaming at the Kayo service. You can purchase the bout through Kayo. 

Where is Opetaia vs. Briedis? 

The Opetaia vs. Briedis match is all set to begin at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Center. The world will witness one of the much-anticipated matches at the location. 

Although the date of the match has changed too many times, the venue is still intact as it was before. It is allowing the chance of fans to experience some of the world-class action coming ahead. 

Where can we find Opetaia vs. Briedis tickets?

You can find the event tickets on sale on the Ticketek platform now. The ticket price is $39.95 which allows fans to catch the glimpse of the best world title fight cruiserweight in person. 

What Should You Know About Opetaia Vs Briedis?

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