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When Male Valorant Pros Use a Voice Changer, They Experience Horrible Sexism

When Male Valorant Pros Use a Voice Changer, They Experience Horrible Sexism Firsthand Male Valorant Pros participate in an experiment in which they use a voice changer to sound like women.

Male Valorant pros participated in an experiment in which they used a voice changer to sound like women, gaining firsthand experience of the game’s widespread misogyny. Although there are a lot of women playing competitive FPS games like Valorant, the majority of players are men.

However, as female players frequently point out, the obvious sexism they encounter frequently spoils the fun.
The Valiant team as a whole has always advocated for diversity and inclusion. In the past, executive producer Anna Donlon has been vocal about addressing the game’s toxicity, including the use of abusive language toward particular groups.

Valorant’s Game Changers program gives all-women a chance

In a similar vein, Valorant’s Game Changers program gives all-women teams a chance to compete for a place in the world championship.G2 Gozen from EMEA is the current Valorant Championship Tournament (VCT) Game Changers champion.

Despite the fact that the Valorant Game Changers tournament recently brought female players to the forefront, male players continue to insult their teammates. In its recent campaign against sexism in the gaming industry, Women in Games Argentina wanted to highlight this.

The YouTube video, which was given the title “SWITCH VOICES,” featured three male Valorant pros playing games using a voice changer that gave them a more feminine voice.

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When they heard a woman’s voice, their teammates almost immediately became hostile toward them, calling them names and telling them to “contribute in the kitchen.”The video also showed how this kind of behavior could hurt players’ performance a lot, as one player died 16 times because his male teammates didn’t help him.

In the video, player Alfredito talked about the experience and said that they couldn’t imagine dealing with that kind of sexism every day in Valorant. He acknowledged that it diminished his desire to play. Another player by the name of Lucius claimed that he was depressed and frustrated during his games.

In the meantime, numerous ladies in the gaming scene shared their encounters in Valorant, as well as other FPS games like Counter-Strike: Call of Duty and Global Offensive: Warzone. Some individuals expressed regret that men had to personally experience misogyny in order to comprehend what women go through on a daily basis.

In her TikTok video, Kristabyte stated that the Women in Games experiment successfully brought issues of sexism in gaming to light. It’s also important to remember that this doesn’t just affect casual gamers.

Sexist and even transphobic remarks are directed at professional Valorant players participating in Game Changers, leading Riot Games to occasionally disable the Livestream chat of their matches. It is hoped that Valorant and other competitive games would benefit from this experiment.

Valorant is accessible now on PC.

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