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Where are they now?: Jim Glennon

THEN – Jim played for Leinster from 1976 to 1987, winning six covers for Ireland.

Presently – He is a non chief living with his significant other Helen in Skerries with his three youngsters Straightforward, Louise and Joe and four grandkids close by.

Jim Glennon’s association with Leinster is solid, profound and valid. It is that way in light of the hard street it took to arrive.

Having first played the game as 10 year old at Skerries RFC, as an understudy at Cistercian School in Roscrea, he went to a Leinster Schools preliminary in 1969. No karma.

He burned through two years on the Leinster U19 crew while never playing as much as a moment. No karma there.

Then, at that point, because of Skerries’ lesser status in 1974, Jim qualified to play for the Leinster Regions, what could today be alluded to as the Common Towns group, continuing on up to the Leinster Youngsters.

In 1975, Skerries moved into the senior club field whereupon he turned out to be important for the Leinster crew without breaking the group. No karma there by the same token.

Before the month’s over, in the event that anybody had proposed Jim as a Leinster and Ireland second line.

They would have been chuckled right out of the North Dublin town, not least by the man himself.

Be that as it may, there was hereditary proof of better times ahead from his six maternal McGowan rugby-playing uncles from Balbriggan (one of whom had procured a last Ireland preliminary during the 1920s) and three cousins of a similar name, two of whom, Joe and Kevin, played for Leinster, the last option getting a Last Preliminary in 1969.

So the story goes. A Leinster selector went to Skerries’ most memorable senior club match against Old Belvedere on a horrendous day in September 1975. He got doused there and was brought back home to a panel part’s home to shower and dry his garments.

Said selector was returned to the club where the mission to have Jim remembered for a Leinster preliminary was upheld by a dissipate of pints. He was welcome to the preliminary. By and by, no karma.

At Halloween 1976, Jim met his significant other Helen on the night after he was first chosen for Leinster; and they raised their kids Blunt, Louise and Joe in Skerries, the last option following his dad and granddad as chief of Skerries RFC.

An exceptional spot is presently saved for his four grandkids Silas, Amelia, Xav and Rosa. Jim is compensating for the time rugby removed him from his own kids.

The length of Jim’s Leinster profession implied he needed to fight it out with any semblance of Louis Magee, Emmet O’Rafferty, George Wallace (with whom Jim collected a record-breaking complete briefly column organization) straight up to the rise of a youthful Neil Francis in 1986.

In 1979, the Mick ‘Doyler’ Doyle unrest started when the Kerryman was selected as Leinster mentor and Jim turned into an anchor in the advances until resigning in 1987.


Everything prompted six Ireland covers, two out of 1980, appearing against Britain’s Bill Beaumont at Twickenham, and four out of 1987, including the principal World Cup.

Resigning in 1987 in the wake of playing On the planet Cup, Jim returned as a Leinster sub-selector in 1990, a Leinster selector in 1991, the Leinster mentor in two spells from 1992 to 1993 and 1995 to 1997,

The now 69 year-old was the last Leinster mentor and chief of the beginner time as well as the last Leinsterman to mentor the territory before Leo Cullen, incidentally an individual second-line.

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