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Which Netflix Video Game More People Need to Play?



We get annoyed when we search social media all day long. Sometimes we need a piece of peace in our spare time after a long day of work. Just like a calm cool wind comes and touches us. And we have lost that peace somewhere in our daily hectic life. Check Which Netflix Video Game More People Need to Play?

And when we search for that peace on social media, we get annoyed when we see the same thing. We want something new that we are addicted to at least a little bit. And when it comes to playing games, I get a little more choosy.

Which Netflix Video Game More People Need to Play?

Which Netflix Video Game More People Need to Play?
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Meanwhile, I don’t like such games very much. Mainly when mobile gaming started getting into video games, I was still addicted to mobile games. We can catch the words of almost a decade ago or a few decades ago. When I spent a lot of time playing this type of game on mobile mainly Temple Run, and Angry Birds.

Today, when I was looking for a mobile game, I started getting bored for a while and I stopped. I will never say that I did not play Clash of Clans or try another type of Battle Royale game. But in my mind, these did not cut the scars so badly.

Maybe that’s why I had a hunger somewhere in my mind to find some good games that I can play and feel a lot of peace. I will not lie, I have finally found such a potential game on Netflix.

Hey, after playing this game, I think you all need to try this game at least once. Believe me, you will not be deceived. However, let me tell you the name of the game, it is a game called poinpy.

The game is not too old, it was announced during the summer game fest at the event on Netflix last week. And personally, I think the game has become very popular since then.

poinpy is your next destination:

In the game, you have to collect fruits to feed a terrifying-looking monster at the base level. If you’ve ever played doodle jump, you’ll know how to climb up using slingshot arcs. In fact, even if you play Angry Birds, you can understand it.

Similarly in poinpy, you have to climb up using the slingshot arc. Then gradually the players will get upgrades. As a result, they will continue to be stronger.

Remember the game is not just about getting to the top. In the meanwhile, you have to collect the fruit and feed it to the monster full of violence in due time. And if by any chance you collect any wrong fruit then you will lose.

Of course, you need to start all over again. Let me tell you here that the deadline has created a panic among most of the players. But don’t worry, you’ll get used to playing.

Lastly, I would like to say that if you have a Netplex subscription, you will never miss a game. It’s an endless game that takes you back to the old days of mobile gaming.