While You Were Asleep: Luka Modric hints at retirement, Scaloni defends his team’s behaviour, Pepe says he played with broken arm

Prior to the eagerly anticipated Croatia vs. Argentina semi-final match, Luka Modric expressed his desire to retire at Real Madrid. The 37-year-old has been orchestrating Croatia’s progress through the World Cup, turning back time to deliver some classic displays. The veteran is reported by Diario AS as stating, “For now, I’m at the World Cup and totally focused on Croatia.”

I’ve stated several times that I intend to retire in Madrid. You can’t speak for 100% of the time, but that’s my notion and my dream. “We have hope that everything will go well,” Modric remarked in reference to the semifinal opponent.

We had to play a lot of games and lose some of them to get here, but since the World Cup in Russia, we have been performing great. Although we would have like to win sooner, we are prepared for everything.

Scaloni discusses Argentina’s actions

After Argentina’s quarterfinal victory against the Netherlands, head coach Lionel Scaloni justified his team’s actions. Lionel Messi and Emiliano Martnez, the goalie, loudly criticised Louis van Gaal, the manager of the Netherlands, after Argentina’s 4-3 victory over the Netherlands on penalties.

Football, according to Scaloni, “was played the way we had to play it from both sides, the Netherlands and Argentina, in the previous game.” “In football, you sometimes have to attack and defend, and in certain games, things might go wrong like they did in the last one.

Arguments and worse times may arise, but that is all. To ensure fairness, a referee is present. And we just need to abandon the notion that, you know, Argentina is just that and that’s how we generally act. With Messi, [Leonardo] Paredes, and Neymar, we were the most sportsmanlike team and won the Copa América in Brazil.

I’m not really impressed by this notion of unsportsmanlike conduct as they were all seated next to one other in that tunnel at that Maracan Stadium. “We need to stop the notion that we aren’t good winners or losers; it’s completely different from who we are as a group, as a squad, and as ambassadors for our country.”

Pepe on Portugal’s withdrawal

Pepe, a Portuguese defender, said his team didn’t deserve to lose in such manner because he played the quarterfinal game against Morocco with a broken arm. Although it is anticipated that the 38-year-old will conclude his career, the veteran defender has left his options open. Although it is anticipated that the 38-year-old will conclude his career, the veteran defender has left his options open.

The most crucial thing right now is to express gratitude for all the support, not to discuss whether this is Pepe’s final World Cup. He responded to rumours regarding Fernando Santos’ future as manager by saying, “I’m a player, I won’t comment about it.

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