Who in NBA history has the most technical fouls?

NBA refs call a specialized foul on players, mentors and, surprisingly, the staff for various reasons. However, the players typically acquire this from game officials. For something as simple as a player hanging on the rim or delaying the game, some can receive a technical foul.

Others have received it for more serious offenses like taunting, swearing, physically contacting a referee, and many others. Regardless of the reason, the top three players with the most technical fouls are listed below.

Rasheed Wallace

In addition to being one of the NBA’s most talented big men, he is also one of the most irritable. With 41 technical fouls and 29 ejections, he holds the record for the most technical fouls in a season.

Throughout his career, Wallace received 317 technical fouls.

Charles Barkley

The previous NBA MVP and one of the association’s most prominent players is dependably in the main part of the activity. His trash-talking and no-holds-barred playstyle have occasionally led to trouble for him.

Before he retired, “Sir Chuck” had committed 329 technical fouls.

Karl Malone

Karl Malone was without a doubt one of the most brutal players in NBA history. His elbows were deadly weapons that frequently harmed players.

The “Postal carrier” best this rundown with 332 specialized fouls.

Steph Curry now has more 50-point games than any other player in NBA history.

Steph Curry has now won the most games in NBA history with 50 points or more. He recently surpassed Allen Iverson on the list, becoming the only player with 12 50-point games to rank ninth in history. Iverson and Curry were tied for ninth place with 11 games each before Iverson made the move up.

Wilt Chamberlain, the scoring machine, holds the record for the most impressive number of 50-point games in league history. He holds the record for most games played, which probably won’t be broken again. Scoring focuses in the NBA is as of now not generally so natural as it used to be, particularly now that there are numerous first class safeguards in current ball.

Following Wilt Chamberlain’s 118 games, the following notable players:

  • Michael Jordan – 31 games
  • Kobe Bryant – 25 games
  • James Solidify – 23 games
  • Damian Lillard – 15 games
  • LeBron James – 14 games

LeBron James is right now attached with Rick Barry in seventh spot with 14 games each. Steph Curry has a good chance of passing the “King” at some point in his career, given that he still has the potential to have a few more seasons with 50-point performances. Curry could try and outperform Damian Lillard’s record eventually.

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