Who Is The Best Wide Receiver In The NFL Right Now?

Wide receivers have quickly become some of the most important players in the entire NFL. The league has recently shifted to many high-flying pass-heavy offenses that feature their quarterbacks showing off their skill sets. This has increased the demand for elite wide receivers across the NFL, and many have stepped up in a big way.

The league currently has impressive players at the position, but some stand high above the rest. The top current wide receivers are ranked based on recent past performances and how they have produced so far during the ongoing 2022 NFL season.

5 – Davante Adams, Las Vegas Raiders.

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Davante Adams’ stock has fallen a bit during the 2022 NFL season. While he is still one of the best wide receivers in the game, his level of dominance with Derek Carr on the Las Vegas Raiders so far hasn’t been quite the same as it was with Aaron Rodgers on the Green Bay Packers.

No wide receiver in the NFL has recorded more yards than Adams over the last five years. His chemistry with Rodgers was indeed something special. He has played only six games with Carr, so it could drastically improve, but he’s currently averaging his fewest yards per game since 2017.

4 – Stefon Diggs, Buffalo Bills

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Stefon Diggs began his career with the Minnesota Vikings, where he exceeded 1,000 receiving yards twice in five years. He elevated his game to the next level when he joined the Buffalo Bills in 2020 to pair up with superstar quarterback Josh Allen in one of the NFL’s best offenses.

Diggs led the NFL in receiving yards in his first year with the Bills and finished in eighth place during his second season. He is again one of the top wide receivers in 2022, recording the second-most receiving yards through six games.

3 – Tyreek Hill, Miami Dolphins

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Tyreek Hill has silenced many of the doubters during the 2022 NFL season so far. Many around the league expected his production to dip severely when he was traded away from the Kansas City Chiefs and to the Miami Dolphins in the offseason. Hill has responded by leading the league in receiving yards through six weeks.

Hill has demonstrated that, contrary to popular belief, his elite numbers were not just a product of Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid. He has continued his dominance with the Dolphins, although they have used three different quarterbacks this year.

2 – Cooper Kupp, Los Angeles Rams.

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Cooper Kupp has a strong case for the top spot in the rankings but comes in at number two by a slight margin. Kupp has elevated his game to a new level since the Rams acquired Matthew Stafford to take over as their starting quarterback. He has gone from a reliable slot wide receiver to one of the top players in the entire league.

Kupp had a historic 2021 NFL season, becoming just the fourth player in the Super Bowl era to win the receiving triple crown. He led the league in receptions, receiving yards, and receiving touchdowns while nearly surpassing Calvin Johnson for a single-season receiving yardage record.

1 – Justin Jefferson, Minnesota Vikings

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Justin Jefferson is in just his third season in the NFL and is already one of the most dominant players in the position. He set a new NFL record for the most receiving yards through the first two years of any player’s career, exceeding 3,000 yards.

Jefferson finished in the top five in the NFL in receiving yards in each of his first two years in the league. He is well on his way to doing so again during the 2022 NFL season, as he currently has the third-most receiving yards following the conclusion of Week 6.

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