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Who Will Win The T20 Cricket World Cup In 2022?

Who Will Win The T20 Cricket World Cup In 2022?

Who Will Win The T20 Cricket World Cup In 2022? The eighth Men’s T20 cricket World Cup will be hosted by Australia in October and November 2022. The initial plan of hosting the tournament was in India in October and November 2021 due to COVID-19, however, it was postponed to 2022 when it was clear that Australia would host. In 2020, India is scheduled to hold the next T20 cricket world cup while Australia will host Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup 2022.

The BCCI has announced the tournament schedule and qualification pathway for T20 World Cup 2022. 11 teams from the qualifying tournaments in 2021 in India, 2 teams from a global qualifier, and 2 teams from a second global qualifier will be chosen. Get ready to follow the ICC T20 World Cup 2022.

Below is the schedule for the ICC Cricket T20 World Cup in 2022. India will play against Pakistan on October 23rd, and the final will be played at Melbourne Cricket Ground on November 13th. The semi-final will be held at Sydney Cricket Ground and Adelaide Oval on November 9th and 10th, respectively.

ICC Cricket T20 World Cup 2022: 

The date: 16 October 2022

Host: Australia

Six teams are still alive in the final two World Cup spots ahead of the final day of group action. The top two teams from Group A will have their places determined by the USA and Zimbabwe meeting.

With an open Group B on Thursday, the winner of the two semi-finals will qualify for the Qualifier B place in Australia 2022.

The U.S. already clinched a spot in the semi-finals, but they need to beat last-place Zimbabwe so that the group doesn’t get lopsided and they’ll avoid playing their potential semifinal opponents. With two wins apiece, these teams are locked in a shootout to decide who will qualify first and avoid top team from Group B in the semi-final.

The United States started winning the tournament with a 132-run win over Singapore, backing up the performance with an emphatic victory. Steven Taylor has been in good form throughout the tournament, scoring 58 against Singapore on day 1.

Given the team’s last minute injury, the squad selected for the tournament is strong on the bowling with a non-existent batting depth.

With a 3.350 NRR, the team has won their last two games and is effectively in the same situation as the USA. A tie or no result would be enough to place them higher than the Americans who still have three matches to play.

After a strong first game with an impressive 236/5 and a good scoring effort from Sikandar Raza (87) as part of the best overall batting performance by Zimbabwe in a strong debut geared towards their efforts in the tournament, they now have elder statesmen to rely on with bat such as Sean Williams posting two fifties.

Jersey had their moments in the first two matches of their campaign, but two defeats against USA and Zimbabwe means that their bid for tickets to Australia is over.

“At one stage Zimbabwe were in a corner with 115/7 off 17.1 overs when Luke Jongwe’s 29 runs came up to take their hosts to 146 runs scored off the allotted overs. These runs saw Jersey struggling to score 123/5, missing an opportunity to turn the group upside down.”

Singapore is 4th place out of 16 teams to score zero points in Qualifier B. They’ve only scored one knock out so far and the team has had a forgettable campaign.

Despite winning against Papua New Guinea in a series, they ended up losing to the United States and Zimbabwe, which has resulted in a poor net run rate.

David’s countrymen performed better without him. It appears the side were willing to send David in during the eleventh hour of the match, despite having a squad with fewer players than that of their opponent.

In Group B, The Netherlands sit 1st with 4 points and a NRR of 2.725. In order to maintain their place in first, they must beat Uganda as well as avoid any slip ups along the way.  They have been the pick of the group so far, currently leading Group B with two wins and being undefeated after three games. If they beat Uganda, they would be guaranteed a spot in the quarterfinals.

The Dutch have advanced to the semi-finals just to the fact that they would only need one point in order to secure a top two spot, but with a possible defeat, they could miss out altogether.

In order to lose, Oranje would have to be beaten by Uganda by 60 runs or more. Even then, Hong Kong would be well on their way to clinching a place in the World Cup if they won.

Uganda is in second place, but they are in the thick of the possibilities with Group B. There are plenty of possible permutations and combinations in which Group B could end – like Uganda winning and relying on other results.

Even if Papua New Guinea won one or more games, that doesn’t ensure progress. Netherlands has a significant net run rate and PNG will be favoured in this match. Cricket Cranes got off to a winning start with a shock top-order collapse against Hong Kong.

Papua New Guinea, who are in third position after two points, desperately need to win over Hong Kong on the final day of group play and hope that other results go their way. The Barramundis hold a sixth-place tiebreaker with Hong Kong, whose loss cost them dearly as they were in fifth place before the Netherlands’ 52 run defeat. Assad Vala’s 93* saved the Barramundis from elimination.

Hong Kong need to beat Papua New Guinea by at least 13 runs, hope other results go their way. Winning by at least 13 runs means they’ll have a better net run rate than their opponent, which would come down to simple win/loss records if Uganda were also to lose.

So far, both Nizakat Khan and Kinchit Shah’s teams have played poorly with the bat, not having registered stellar scores in their two matches. Often partnerships are hard to build between these two batsmen. In their 30s, Nizakat scored 60 while Kinchit hit 37 against the Netherlands.

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