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Why Is Baseball Popular In Japan And Korea?

Korea’s most loved sports are basketball, soccer, volleyball, fencing, archery, fencing, and Korean martial art. Some other sports are also quite popular. Baseball is by far the most popular. We will give you an analysis of the Korean game, baseball. Check Why Is Baseball Popular In Japan And Korea?

P. Gilbert, an American citizen came to visit the country in 1903. He was an apostle. Through his faith, he taught many Koreans from The Young Men’s Christian Association how they could play baseball.

Why Is Baseball Popular In Japan And Korea?
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The First Surge of Popularity

Baseball enjoyed its greatest popularity between 1910-1945 when Korea came under Japanese rule. This is due to baseball being a Japanese sport. In 1921, a match took place between Major League Player (USA) and Seoul Athletic Club (Southeel Athletic Club). Seoul defeated Major League with a stunning score of 23-3.

 US marines organized many exhibitions of games against Seoul Athletic Club in 1896. Korea decided to represent the country by playing baseball. Seoul Athletic Club is a huge contributor to the familiarization of many sports in Korea.

Intercity Baseball Tournament

Intercity baseball tournaments are regular baseball events. It was started in 1927. This allowed the players to grow a lot. After Osaka’s defeat in 1942, Koreas saw it gain popularity again. But the tournament is no longer held in Japan.

The Korean Baseball Organization League

The KBO League, which is the most well-known and successful in the country, is the best. The KBO League was formed in 1982 after the Korean War.

Six franchises are part of the league at the beginning in each city. They were named after the franchises that finance the sport.


These franchises include MBC Chungyong. Lotte Giants. OB Bears. Samsung Lions. Sammi Superstars. Haitai Tigers. Some franchises have different names.

For example, OB Bears can now be called Doosan Bears. MBC Chungyong, but, is now called LG Twins. Also, Sammi Superstars have been renamed Kiwoom Heroes.

The Champion Haitai Tigers

This team is also known as the Kia Tigers. They are the proud owners of most championship banners. They have won the most tournaments and championships in the KBO League.

We are looking for new teams and Fans

KBO League expanded further and added four teams up to 2015. Binggrae Eagles became the new team, now known as Hanwa Eagles. Ssanbangwool Raiders were then renamed SK Wyverns. Then came NC Dinos, then KT Wiz.

Older teams are supported by the most fans. Even if the team name has to be changed, fans still support their teams.

Highest Attendance Of The Audience

Lotte Giants is the oldest KBO League, team. In 2009, 1.38 fans came to the Busan Sajik Baseball Stadium. This makes this the team with the highest attendance. Most, of this team, hasn’t won a championship since 1992. As we said, the oldest teams often have the most dedicated supporters.

Participation and Popularity

This sport is very popular in the country because it involves fans. To keep the crowd excited, the hypeman provides music and dance sessions during the duller sections of the game. South Korea is known for its sports events, which are a popular national hobby.

The stadium atmosphere is what makes it so special. The excitement of the game unraveling is indeed thrilling. It’s so fun to chant and dance, you’ll love it. This is the story behind baseball’s popularity in Korea.

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