Wild Hearts Developer Requests Feedback on Performance Issues

Wild Hearts developers are searching for player feedback on the game’s various performance issues, proposing that a fix might be descending the line.

The Wild Hearts developers have officially recognized the game’s performance issues, and they are already looking for feedback from the local area. Created because of the organization between the two distributing organizations EA and Koei Tecmo, as well as the developer Omega Force, the beast hunting experience isn’t without its issues on send-off day, similar to numerous advanced AAA releases.

After obviously Wild Hearts has serious performance issues no matter how you look at it — however they are most evident on the lower-end Xbox Series S consoles — it didn’t take long for the developers to recognize them. Mostly liable for the different famous Warriors titles, Omega Force is known for creating fun crowd-brawler titles, however, the games often have different performance issues.

As one would expect, Wild Hearts was constructed utilizing a significant part of the very innovation that drives other Omega Force games, such as Hyrule Warriors, Dynasty Warriors, and an entire combination of others. This means that the new beast-hunting game has acquired a significant number of these titles’ upsides and downsides too, and performance is by all accounts perhaps its most serious issue.

The uplifting news, however, is that EA is already gathering performance feedback from the local area on the organization’s official discussion. It merits bringing up, in any case, that the thread appears to zero in exclusively on PC performance issues, without any notice of the game’s complex control center forms.

Omega Force experienced also problematic performance in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, and low casing rates are reasonably irrefutable among aficionados of the developer’s items. In light of that, it is not yet clear exactly how far the devs will actually want to push Wild Hearts, particularly now that the organization is teaming up with the AAA force to be reckoned with Electronic Arts. It is conceivable, obviously, that the publisher could offer help to Koei Tecmo and Omega Force in this regard.

The uplifting news for Xbox gamers is that there’s a major Wild Hearts preliminary accessible through Game Pass Extreme and EA Play. The individuals who need to see what all the commotion is about ought to, therefore, have the option to appropriately test the game out on the Xbox Series control center and check whether its performance is adequate as it as of now stands. Enhancements ought to descend the line, yet they’re not really ensured as of now.

Wild Hearts’ overall release window is shutting in quickly, and as an ever-increasing number of individuals gain admittance to the game, so too should there be much more feedback for the developers to parse through. In the event that Omega Force ends up being reactive and conveys performance fixes at a sufficiently lively speed, the game might well wind up conveying a strong Beast Tracker elective eventually.

Wild Hearts releases on February 16 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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