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Will Manchester United legends continue to honor Cristiano Ronaldo?

On November 22, Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United mutually terminated their contract. The information was made public in a club statement, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s official account confirmed the story right away.

The two players wished each other best of luck in their authority articulations, saying thanks to each other for their set of experiences. However, everyone could see a crack in the relationship.
When a talented young teenager walked onto the Theater of Dreams in 2003, what started out as a summer romance turned into a full-blown love affair over the next few years.

Ronaldo went from one solidarity to another and Manchester Joined with him. The player and Sir Alex Ferguson, the player’s manager at the time, had such a strong bond that even when they said goodbye, only tears of pain were exchanged—hatred simply could not exist.

In 2009, United said goodbye to one of its greatest losses ever.7s with the same amount of love and respect. It made it possible for him to come back in the summer of 2021. Ronaldo, who is now a veteran of the game and may be the most consistent winner, chose to return to Manchester’s red half by rejecting Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City – heart over head.

It was a fantasy rebound as he scored two objectives in his presentation against Newcastle Joined together. However, the relationship became strained as the team began to fall apart. Ronaldo contributed to United’s rise to European football by scoring 24 goals against a disorganized team.

This season, the player’s situation got much worse because the club decided to hire a manager who could make the club better. Ronaldo, who is 37 years old, was always at risk of being killed.
That’s exactly what transpired. Rumors continued to grow as a result of his absence from the preseason, and by December, it was becoming increasingly clear that Ronaldo would not remain with Manchester United.

The final nail in his coffin was his final interview with Piers Morgan just before the World Cup camps began. He attacked the club’s owners, manager, and former players and claimed that Manchester United had betrayed him.

A few days later, the club issued a statement announcing that Cristiano Ronaldo would no longer play for Manchester United immediately. For United supporters, the question at hand is whether Ronaldo is still a legend at the club.

Let’s begin by looking at what the five-time Ballon d’Or winner has accomplished while wearing a Manchester United uniform.

1) Golden Boot: 2007-2008

In the 2007–08 Premier League season, a young Cristiano helped Manchester United win both the league and the Champions League. He also won the Golden Boot. That season, he scored 42 goals, 31 of which came in the Premier League—a record at the time.

2) 2008 Ballon d’Or:

Due to his outstanding performances for Manchester United that season, he was awarded the Ballon d’Or in 2008. His 50 final goals contributed to the club’s dominance in Europe and England with 42 goals and eight assists.

3) Big Titles:

The team around Cristiano Ronaldo was full of winners during his first season at Old Trafford. In six years, they won three league championships as a team. He also won a Champions League title and several domestic cups. Additionally, Ronaldo won the European Golden Shoe Award in 2008.

4) Player of the season:

Ronaldo has won the Manchester United player of the year award three times in his seven seasons with the team. He won it for the first time in the 2006–2007 season. The following occurred during his 2007-2008 Ballon d’Or campaign. Even though he was 36 years old, he won the award once more last season.

He definitely deserves to be regarded as a club legend because of these merit-based accomplishments. As a result, we have a question:

Is Cristiano Ronaldo a storied figure at Manchester United?

In the wake of looking at his accomplishments, I would like to think, he merits the situation with a club legend. Even in his infamous interview, in which he criticized the club, he made several points based on his love for it.

Just as the fans had requested, he brought attention to the dire state of the club. An optimistic United supporter might even point to the story and suggest that Ronaldo’s comments about the club’s current state might have influenced the Glazers’ decision to sell United.

Ronaldo said in his message that he would always remember United and that it would be fair to show his love back to the man who gave everything every time he took the field.

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