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World Athletics championship 2022

World Athletics championship 2022 -Nigeria’s Tobi Amusan breaks 100 meters hurdles world record

World Athletics championship 2022 : The World Athletics Championship is currently underway, the players across the world are competing with each other for prestigious titles. 

On July 24, 2022, Tobi Amusan from Nigeria clinched the victory and made a world record. On Sunday in the World Championship, she made a stunning world record in the semi-finals of 100 meters hurdles. 

The 25-year-old Tobi completed the race in 12.12 seconds and broke the 6-year-old record held by Keni Harrison at 12.20. Kent Harrison, an American athlete who held the world record for 6 years finished second in the race while Tobi finished first. The world Athletics official twitter handle informed the fans about the record on twitter. 

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The Tobi Amusan’s world record 

It’s important to note that 5 out of 8 women competing in Women’s 100meter hurdles set their individual best timing with 0.9 mere per sec tailwind. For the record, a maximum 2 meter/second tailwind is allowed. In 2016, Keni Harrison broke this record in London in unusual circumstances. 

The record was 12.6 in the finals 

Most athletes prefer to conserve their energy in semi-finals, but Amusan went all out. She did even better in the finals that were held 90 minutes after the semi-finals on the same day. She completed the race in 12.6 seconds with an illegal tailwind.

However, that didn’t matter as the Nigerian athlete took hold of a gold medal. Just a day before the semi-finals and final, she set an African record with 12.40 in the heat of Africa. With a successful world Athlete championship and gold medal victory, she will resume an impressive reputation in Oregon. 

Tobi reacted after the world record 

Tobi said” It is a strong feeling, I wanted to go out and go,” she said while interacting with the media. Further, she added, ” I did what I had to, now I’m looking forward to putting the same in the finals.” 

She was shocked at how much crowd was present in Eugene, Oregon which is usually present in prime time. 

Later after winning the finals when she interacted with the media, she said ” The goal was to come out and win the medal. I believed in my abilities, but I was not expecting the world records. You know the goal is always to execute plans well and win the gold. So, the records are a bonus.”

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